Romney Soft on Entitlement Reform; UPDATED

In a Q&A  today Mitt Romney, as is his custom, demonstrated he’s far more interested in not offending anyone than actually leading on one of the major issues of our time: entitlement reform. Via the Politico:

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney surprised donors this morning at the Harvard Club in New York with an ambivalent answer to the question of whether America is ready to seriously alter its large entitlement programs.

Romney, speaking to more than 100 donors and supporters at the private breakfast, responded to a question from his supporters on the issue.

“I don’t know,” he replied, according to a source in the room, before going on to warn that Social Security and Medicare are — in the source’s paraphrase — “basically the third rails in politics and he doesn’t know if we’re going to be able to actually make a dent in reforming them.”

“It was really soft rhetoric, definitely not the kind of tough talk that’s going to be necessary in a Republican primary,” the source said.

This is why it would be so disastrous, not only to the Republican brand but the country as a whole, if the GOP is dumb enough to nominate Romney or someone like him in 2012.  The only difference between Romney and Obama is that Mitt may manage America’s decline a bit more efficiently than Obama.  Don’t we deserve better?  We are out of money, and there’s no time for dissembling or ambiguity.  If these programs are not reformed materially and immediately, America will be insolvent.  We desperately need bold leadership now, not another generic, finger-to-the wind politician with a woefully misplaced sense of entitlement.

Update: In a recent post, Whitney discussed Governor Palin’s position on entitlement reform.   The difference on this vital issue couldn’t be more clear.  While Mittens equivocates, Governor Palin leads.

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