Rush: Left Going Into Hyperdrive to Destroy Sarah Palin/Open Thread

Sarah Palin Keeps Getting Everything Right

Politico’s Cheapeast Shot Yet

She’s on the cover of a YAF publication.

Pundits Saying “Palin unlikely to run” are “Wishful thinkers”

She wants Begich to “pressure [his] party to drill” and wonders if the Senator is even trying.

Notice how many on the “center-right” and some “socially moderate” Republicans are claiming that Barbour’s exit helps Huckabee. They are still trying to create the impression that Huckabee is considering entering the presidential race when they know Huckabee has already decided not to run and that all he cares about is making enough money to pay off his $2.8 million mortgage. Barbour’s exit from the race suggests that Mitch Daniels will now get into the race. Daniels’ entry into the presidential contest is nothing but great news for Palin supporters as Daniels and Romney should split the establishment/moderate vote.

So what else is going on today?

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