The Unhinging of the Left and the Prescience of Palin

On Monday, Politico published a piece that Legal Insurrection characterized as their “cheapest shot yet”. With Politico’s credibility bar already set so low that only an ant could limbo underneath, this is quite an accomplishment. The subject matter of the false allegations discussed by Politico and the individuals they interviewed belong right along side “Palin Willingly Abducted by Aliens: ‘I Can See Russia from Space'” or “Rudolph Found in the Palin’s Freezer” and other actual tabloid “stories” I’ve seen at the supermarket check out over the past two and a half years. Rush Limbaugh says that the media and the Left (but I repeat myself) will always tell you who they fear. But why do they fear her?

Two blog pieces also posted today at Datechguy and at the PJ Tatler highlight how Governor Palin has been prescient on nearly every major policy issue over the past few years, and this is why they fear her and are out to destroy her. Datechguy writes on how Governor Palin has been right on monetary policy, “death panels”, climate gate, Libya, drilling, supporting what now is the GOP majority House etc, writing in part following an excerpt from a Facebook post on drilling:

Sounds pretty topical, When did Palin say this? AUGUST OF 2009 when gas was still in the low $2 per gallon. Bloggers covered it. The MSM didn’t. Where would gas prices and the economy be today if the MSM reported this and the president listened to her 2 years ago?


This is why on an Easter Sunday people on the left were spending their time trying to co-opt a hash tag. This is why when Sarah Palin gives a key speech in Wisconsin on budget matters the media reports she is trying to get attention, but will play her mispronouncing “skirmish” in a loop. This is why from Day one the MSM has done their best to try to destroy her.

The PJ Tattler’s piece mentions some of the same policy issues, additionally mentioning that Governor Palin has been right on cautiousness in Egypt and warning of China’s military buildup:

Sarah Palin was cautious on Egypt, wanting to know who was likely to take power before the US insisted that Mubarak leave. She has been forceful on China, warning that its military buildup is a threat.

Meanwhile, the cerebral president with the fancy pants creases just keeps getting everything wrong. Everything he touches turns to crap. Even her website is now better than his.


Governor Palin has, of course, been right on many issues over the past two years. In addition to what was mentioned by these two writers, Governor Palin was right on coming food inflation on the heels of QE2, the threat of the possible need to tap into our Strategic Petroleum Reserve if we didn’t become more energy independent, state financial woes if they don’t address unfunded pensions, the threat of nuclear Iran, distrust of Russia on the START treaty etc.

Her prescience isn’t new. Governor Palin has been right all along, since the early days of the 2008 presidential campaign. Stacy and I wrote a post last Fall that highlighted several aspects of Governor Palin’s 2008 RNC convention speech where she correctly predicted several things that would happen if candidate Obama became President Obama. Stacy edited this video that accompanied our post, and this still rings true today:

These are all reasons why Politico gives free advertising to “authors” peddling scurrilous books about Governor Palin. Governor Palin’s foresight is why media outlets like Politico give free publicity to those involved in character assassination attempts. This is why likely boilerplate speech contracts that include bendable drinking straws become headline news if the sipping speaker is Governor Palin. This is why the media feigns ignorance when Governor Palin brings along a “hair stylist” (aka Bristol Palin) on a humanitarian trip to Haiti.

Their greatest fear? The potential for a prescient Palin to become President Palin.

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