Thoughts from Madison: Game On!

Governor Palin gave a simply incredible speech today in Madison, Wisconsin speaking on a range of issues including the recent budget and collective bargaining battle in Wisconsin, the capitulation of the GOP Establishment, the recent budget to the empty promises of President Obama, and a declarative on the 2012 election. Governor Palin began her speech discussing Wisconsin as the “frontlines in the battle for our country”, which indeed is true from the roles that Governor Walker, Judge Prosser, and Congressman Ryan have played in the recent political discussion.

Wisconsin is also the birthplace of the Republican party and in many ways, the progressive movement as well, particularly in Madison. This made it all the more fitting that Governor Palin came to speak in Wisconsin. In her speech, she called the Republican party to stand on the planks of the party, and she called out the tactics and the policies of the Progressive movement in both Madison and Washington D.C.. The Tea Party movement is on two fronts–against the Left and against the GOP Establishment. As Karen rightly said last night, we are Wisconsin.

I was blessed with the opportunity to make the trip up to Madison this morning to attend the rally. There were, of course, no Koch brother marionettes standing behind Governor Palin choreographing her every move as she spoke, as the Left claims. She is no corporate puppet.Just ask the oil companies in Alaska. Of course, the Left’s assertions regarding the Governor are more often than not projections, ad hominem attacks, and falsehoods. This rally was no different. Laughably, one protest sign simply said, “Sarah Who?”. The illogic of the Left–claim someone is irrelevant, then show up at a venue where they are speaking in the wind and snow to protest their appearance. Their method of “reason”–noise–the audible equivalent of the legitimacy of their arguments.

Prior to the speeches, several Wisconsin and Illinois volunteers from Organize4Palin handed out hundreds of palm cards to rally attendees and got pages and pages of individuals signed up for more information about this grassroots effort. From my personal experience with this effort, it was very exciting to see the receptiveness and excitement that people had in response to Governor Palin. Some individuals who signed up brought Governor Palin’s books to hold up in lieu of signs. Some were military veterans. There were people of all ages and backgrounds. All appreciated the courageous conservatism that Governor Palin espouses.

Organize4Palin volunteers signing up interested individuals

Organize4Palin WI coordinator Bill Lichter,

Wisconsin Treasurer Kurt Schuller, and myself

If you haven’t already, please sign up to be involved in Organize4Palin. Supporting Governor Palin is especially effective when we are boots on the ground in addition to being fingers on a keyboard. She has had our back, and we have the opportunity to have her back as she continues to speak out as 2012 approaches.

Game on.

Kelsey also attended the rally. She has some absolutely amazing pictures. Please see here and here.

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