As you all are probably aware by now, the leftist publication known as Wonkette attacked Trig Palin on his birthday. They didn’t stop there… they attacked Governor Palin, Todd Palin, and other members of the family by the end of the day. The “writer” released what he called an “apology,” but anyone with half a brain knows that it wasn’t. We’ll have full coverage tomorrow, but for now the governor sent this message to all of the people who stood up on Twitter today, in defense of the special needs community and basic human decency:

Now, Wonkette’s advertisers are dropping left and right. This proves that when good people come together to fight the good fight, we can make a difference. Feel free to give your business to and commend the companies who are doing the right thing here. Also, here is a list of all of Wonkette’s advertisers. Companies who drop their ads will be removed from that list.

Enough is enough. This is a time when all good, decent people should agree that wrong is wrong. Some on the left (very few) have spoken out against this attack yet used the opportunity to attack Governor Palin for being a mom anyway. That is also unacceptable. We will not tolerate the use of Trig Palin as a political weapon by anyone!

Note to the left: children are off-limits, period.


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