Trump Supporters, the Joke Is On You Guys….

A lot of smart conservative/center-right individuals are enjoying what Donald Trump is doing. They like the fact that he is “driving the media and liberals crazy” while also promoting a “populist conservative message” that resonates. Many smart conservative/center-right types believe the joke is on the Democrat Party and the media as Trump is allegedly playing our opponents for fools.

That’s a perfectly reasonable opinion and it may turn out to be completely accurate. However, I think the more reasonable conclusion is that the people Donald Trump is playing for fools aren’t the the Democrat Party and the media but rather….Donald Trump supporters.

Barack Obama and the Democrat Party are loving every poll that shows Trump rising to the top. Each poll that shows Trump doing well allows them to paint us as a bunch of extremists obsessed with Obama’s birth certificate. It’s going to be tough for us to argue that our electorate is actually sane enough to recognize that Obama’s birth certificate isn’t a critical issue facing our country when Trump is indeed polling as a frontrunner. Michele Bachmann is playing a similar game as Trump’s but at least she’s conservative and nowhere near as shameless as Trump.

It’s quite sad when I read the following:

Mr. Trump “may be a punch line but when he talks about the way to solve our problems, he makes a lot of sense to the average guy out there,” said Todd Mauney, a conservative Republican in Weatherford, Texas. “I don’t know if people can get over him being the butt of every joke but for me, he can be serious when it’s time to make real decisions.”

I found it sad because it’s pretty clear to me that the Donald Trump joke is on well-meaning people like Todd Mauney. I also find it sad that the Governor will probably need to win a solid majority of the voters who are seriously telling pollsters that they are voting for birth certificate candidates like Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump, and Michele Bachmann.

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