“Unscripted” Christopher Christie Gaffe: “Their Union Are [Sic] a Group of Political Thugs”

Christopher Christie “unscripted” at his best:

I believe the teachers in New Jersey in the main are wonderful public servants that care deeply. But their union, their union are [sic] a group of political thugs

Putting aside his humiliating and embarrassing verbal gaffe, Christopher’s “talking point” about the refusal of unions to engage in shared sacrifice was already voiced by someone else in a much more articulate fashion here:

Union brothers and sisters: this is the wrong fight at the wrong time. Solidarity doesn’t mean making Wisconsin taxpayers pay for benefits that are not sustainable and affordable at a time when many of these taxpayers struggle to hold on to their own jobs and homes. Real solidarity means everyone being willing to sacrifice and carry our share of the burden. It does no one any favors to dismiss the sacrifices others have already had to make—in wage cuts, unpaid vacations, and even job losses—to weather our economic storm.

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