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As Doug noted earlier, “Governor Palin is showing a tremendous amount of courage and leadership by literally traveling to the “lion’s den.'” This is not just lofty rhetoric. The threats are mounting, and they should be taken seriously. When the powerful left and union bosses begin talk of throwing things and drowning out free speech, you can be assured they are not acting with care and concern for any hard working Wisconsinite. They are reaching out with greedy hands to strangle the liberties of anyone standing in the way of their money and power.

As has become so common with Gov. Palin, she has stepped up when no one else would and has put herself on the front line. And no, for anyone wondering, she isn’t getting paid to do it either, nor is she the “puppet of big corporations”, as Greta has reported some are saying. Tomorrow, there will be more than just a meet up of political sides; there will be a battle for American freedom at stake: The freedom to assemble and discuss the issues our country faces. The freedom to stand up and be heard without fear of being physically hurt. It must be asked, what kind of country would this be if these liberties ceased to exist?

If someone really wants to see what “winning the future” really looks like, take a trip to Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow. Gov. Palin will be there winning the future for all Americans, making a stand against those who would seek to destroy America’s future freedoms by strong arming and bullying others. The left and union bosses are infuriated that she is going. So much so that they are working overtime to manipulate and confuse good Americans, brainwashing them into thinking Gov. Palin and other conservative voices are evil and to be smashed, pelted with cheese of all things. What monsters encourage normally sane individuals to do such things?

So the question is: Will you go? Will you get in your car and make that drive? It will be something to remember and tell your kids and grandkids about: The day you faced the hordes in the heartland of America with Sarah Palin and other freedom fighters and won the future, for them. Please, if at all possible, make last minute plans to go.

Remember, Joan of Arc doesn’t sit quietly at Court. She marches to besieged Orleans.




Any one that can go, contact the Organize4Palin Wisconsin coordinator, Bill Lichter, and let him know you are coming. He could use your eyes among the crowds and your boots on the ground.



Be sure to look for these when you get there. There will be 5,000 handed out by Organize4Palin volunteers. GRRRR!

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