When An Edgy Conservative Infiltrates

It’s one thing when we are ridiculed from the outside, but when one of our own goes behind our backs and embarrasses us so publicly, that is a step too far.

Last night, Nicole, one of our contributors picked up a rumor published on Edgy Conservative that C4P will be featured in a Hollywood movie or something. Keeping in mind our rule that we do not post rumors on this site without official confirmation, Nicole emailed the editors to get confirmation. (That was her first mistake. She should have known that sending an email to the editors is a total waste of time. Most of our readers know we never even read them).

Anyhow, by not receiving a reply, Nicole proceeded to do what the lamestream media always does: she assumed it was true and ran with it.

Now, Nicole is a good friend and we trusted her; so when the post went up, I was astonished. I wondered how could she do this to us? It’s one thing when it’s one of our adversaries but when it’s one of our own, we felt infiltrated.

I sent out a red alert to the editor’s group (the secret one that only a few know), and set things in motion to research Nicole. Where does she get the idea of running with things without even a slight confirmation? We got our answer and were shocked with what we learned.

Nicole hangs around with Andy Barr.

Obviously the first thing we tried to do was delete the post. But Nicole, holding a grudge about a post of hers that was recently removed, with her limited amount of technical knowledge managed to do something to freeze the post and make it un-deletable. We should have picked up the signals when in that post she called for bipartisanship. Calling for bipartisanship? On this site, with me around? Yeah right.

While trying to figure out what to do to delete the post, we realized that that’s not all Nicole has been up to lately.

Our readers might remember that Nicole was set to deliver a speech at the Tea Party Summit on April 15. She was really looking forward to it and had worked really hard to prepare the speech. She was looking forward to the private jet, the limo and the deluxe suite.  A couple of weeks ago the summit was cancelled, of course Nicole was more than a little disappointed.

In recent weeks, we have been having problems with the site loading slow and often having situations where it completely crashes. Coincidently those issues started occurring at the same time the Tea Party summit was cancelled. It turns out Nicole was up to no good.

Nicole was so disappointed that she wouldn’t be getting that “Hollywood” treatment, something she is obviously infatuated with, she decided to take it out on us.

I can’t get into the specifics of what she did. It’s sort of classified information and we’re still working it out. You’re just going to have to trust me. The problems we were having with the site lately were all Nicole’s fault. The full extent of Nicole’s vengance trip is still not known. (Hey, you can help bail her out here).

The editors are still discussing Nicole’s future with C4P, we will let you know as soon as we have made a decision. As for the post, we’re still trying to figure out how to remove it. For now please ignore it, unless you want be part of the movie, in which case, contact Edgy Conservative who’ll put you in touch with Sylvester Stallone.

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