A Palin v. Romney One-on-One Matchup Would be a Repeat of Paul v. Grayson/Open Thread

Kelsey will have a post later today on the subject of the Twitter direct messages that the Daily Caller finds so newsworthy. Until then, here’s the news:

-These are three mustreads from the PollInsider. Here’s a sample:

Since I do not like giving non-answers, I will give one: 57%. How do I get this number? Simply put, this was Sarah Palin’s favorability in 2008 AFTER giving her convention speech. That speech was her one unfiltered shining moment, and she was very well received. Certainly, that hard hitting speech was not filled with niceties aimed at Obama and is very similar to the way she goes after Obama today. As a candidate, she would have all of the commercials, the speeches, the unfilitered air time to make an impression as she did in 2008. Her problem today is that her appearances are seen most only by Palin supporters or, at best, by 1-3 million people who might happen to be watching an FNC interview. 120 million people vote and pay attention to nothing other than media soundbites which, undoubtedly, have not been kind to Palin

-Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speeches before AIPAC and Congress.

Giuliani Aiming to Take Down Romney in New Hampshire. My argument regarding as to why Palin supporters should cheer for Jon Huntsman also applies to Rudy Giuliani for the most part. Neither the Obama operative or Rudy would have a prayer in a one-on-one matchup against the Governor and if either won New Hampshire, it would probably be Palin v. Huntsman or Palin v. Rudy for the remainder of the contest. Rudy would do better than Huntsman in a one-on-one against Palin but she would still win the matchup decisively.

-Why would Romney want a one-on-one with Governor Palin when nearly every poll shows that her favorable rating among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents is higher than his favorable rating among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents? Even though Romney is probably a tougher one-on-one matchup for Governor than Obama operative Jon Huntsman, she still will likely be able to do to Romney what Rand Paul did to Trey Grayson. A Palin/Romney one-on-one will be very similar to the one-on-one battle between Paul/Grayson and we all know what happened with that matchup.

-I’ll predict that the Democrat wins tonight’s special election in New York’s 26th Congressional District because of the fake third-party tea partier.

What else is going on today?

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