Dan Riehl | Rep. Weiner Spokesperson Lies To ‘New York Post’

Dan Riehl | Rep. Weiner Spokesperson Lies To ‘New York Post’

There are at least two demonstrably false statements issued to the New York Post on behalf of Representative Anthony Weiner by his spokesperson, Dave Arnold.

Here’s the first [emphasis mine]:

The tech-savvy congressman saw the picture almost immediately. He had been tweeting about a hockey game just a few minutes earlier.

An analysis of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter timeline has already been done here at Big Government that clearly shows Weiner’s Twitter account had been publicly silent for 3 hrs. and 24 mins. prior to the Tweeting of the inappropriate image. Consequently, there was no Tweet about a hockey game “just a few minutes earlier.” Therefore, that statement simply isn’t true.

Rep. Weiner’s spokesman then falsely claims that after removing the image in question, Weiner joked about the incident a mere 15 minutes later. Again, from the Post:

Weiner pulled the shot himself, but not before it had been retweeted and screen-grabbed by several followers. Weiner, a voracious user of Twitter, wrote a humorous response about 15 minutes later.



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