Fox News Executive Hits Back at Smear Piece about Ailes and Palin

A Fox News executive has refudiated a New York Magazine hit piece quoting anonymous sources who charge that Fox News head, Roger Ailes, thinks that Governor Palin is “an idiot”. The statement from Fox News Channel executive vice president of programming, Bill Shine, reads:

“I know for a fact that Roger Ailes admires and respects Sarah Palin and thinks she is smart. He also believes many members of the left-wing media are extremely terrified and threatened by her. Despite a massive effort to destroy Sarah Palin, she is still on her feet and making a difference in the political world. As for the ‘Republican close to Ailes’ for which the incorrect Palin quote is attributed, when Roger figures out who that is, I guarantee you he or she will no longer be ‘close to Ailes.’ ”

Kerry Picket at the Washington Times notes that the same Sunday edition of New York Magazine also featured a positive piece about Media Matters founder, David Brock:

It should be noted New York Magazine conveniently penned a glowing piece on Media Matters’ founder David Brock on Sunday as well. The headline of the Brock piece is “If I Take Down Fox, Is All Forgiven?” while the smear job on Mr. Ailes, along with a photoshopped unflattering photo of the Fox News executive, has the headline: “The Elephant in the Green Room.”


This is not the first time liberals have attempted to take on Fox. Since the network’s inception in 1996, both Presidents Clinton and Obama along with their administrations and allies tried to go after the cable news outlet. But as powerful as the Oval office may be, their attempts failed each time.

Now the war against Fox has gotten personal. Very similar to how public union employees have gone from protesting in front of company buildings to harassing executives on their front lawns and intimidating private citizens and small businesses in Wisconsin, liberal activists are employing personal attack tactics to intimidate the public at large as to what happens if conservative thought is released to the public. This is what Mr. Brock means by “containment

Picket’s article notes that Media Matters is openly engaged in a war against Fox News. Read the whole thing here.

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