Gallup: “Palin thus must be considered one of the GOP leaders at this point”/Open Thread

Gallup finds from its April/May data that Governor Palin “is near the top of Republicans’ nomination preferences, and has a higher Positive Intensity Score than any other well-known candidate. Palin thus must be considered one of the GOP leaders at this point.”

Scott Conroy notes that “Chris Matthews’ over-the-top disparagement of Palin is just the kind of thing that inspires her” and wonders whether “If Palin gets in, she could do it at a rally w/ crowd of thousands like Obama did in ’07. More powerful than a tweet?

Shushanah Walshe says that the Governor “is ‘salivating’ over Huckabee’s 2012 no-go.”

I’ll go ahead and predict that Michele Bachmann will not run for the presidency and that she’s only trying to scam people for money. Otherwise, she would have jumped in already as there was no good reason for her to delay an announcement considering how she’s polling in the race.

I like Governor Perry but the problem with this idea is that both Governor Palin and Huckabee were beating him among Texas Republicans soundly. If he wasn’t doing well in Texas against Palin when Huckabee was in the race, he isn’t going to do much better against her anywhere else without Huckabee in the race.

What else is going on today?

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