Governor Palin At Point Clear: The Good Heart of America Really Shines



Former Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin was in Baldwin County Tuesday night.

She talked about the tornadoes in Alabama, and the death of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden.

Palin began her speech complimenting Alabamians on their state motto.

Palin said, “And it is always good to be in Alabama where you dare to defend your rights. I love your state motto.”

The former Alaska Governor also said she and her husband planned to be in Birmingham Wednesday to meet with tornado survivors.

She said, “We want these folks in those parts to know that they are not alone in this time, and Americans come together in moments like this to help support and to rebuild.”

The former Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate also said she was anxious for President Obama to release pictures of Osama Bin Laden after he was killed, so the world would know that you don’t challenge the United States.

She also saluted the U.S. military, which carried out the mission, and talked about the American spirit.

Palin said, “And the good heart of America really shines through at times like this. And we shine through, because we are a nation that is exceptional.”


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