Governor Palin Christens the New Arena At West Hills College Tonight in LeMoore, California/Open Thread

She speaks at West Hills College tonight in LeMoore, California. Here’s more on how much the event has raised.

Governor Palin reportedly told reporters last night that a decision as to whether she’s running for the presidency is still a few months off and that she’s still sizing up the field. She reportedly said that she’s not satisfied yet with those who’ve already announced but won’t make a decision herself until the summer.

The New York Times notes that the GOP field thus far is terrible and that “the wish list among Republicans is wide and varied. Sarah Palin, a former governor of Alaska, retains a devoted following.”

The Associated Press reports that “[p]eople in [Palin’s] informal and fluid circle of advisers say Ms Palin is asking questions about a potential White House run and will decide in her own time. The door to a candidacy, they say, is still open.”

Doctor Zero: “Take away Palin’s churning stomach and invocation of the infernal, and swap in Rubio’s list of demands that Congress will never meet, and you end up in the same place: the hells of no.”

Her book, America By Heart, returned to the non-fiction best-seller list in Southern California even though it was released last November.

Get the lady a diet coke

Another Democrat agrees with Governor Palin’s analysis of the oil industry and subsidies.

In any event, what’s going on today? My picks for the second round are: Bulls in 5, Heat in 7, Thunder in 7, and Lakers in 5

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