Governor Palin: I Can Beat Obama / Open Thread – UPDATED

CBS reports:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was met by a gaggle of reporters outside of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall Tuesday, on day three of her “One Nation” bus tour.

The question du jour: Will she or won’t she run for president?

The would-be-candidate once again refused to “put a timetable” on when she will announce her decision, but when asked by CBS affiliate WKYW if she could beat President Obama, Palin replied, “To put it concisely – yes.”

She’ll be on Greta tonight

Credit where credit is due, Shushannah Walshe is covering her well on twitter

You can follow her tour on a single twitter feed here

She’ll reportedly be meeting Donlad Trump tonight. Some photos of her eating pizza with him here

Vote in this poll, it’s unscientific but let’s show O’Reilly what we’re made of.

SarahPAC put up some of your Memorial Day Photos

In case you missed it: Photo Gallery: One Nation Tour Day Two


Contrary to what Foxnews reported and what Charles Krauthammer repeated on O’Reilly tonight, Michele Bachmann did NOT win the Special Report online poll:

With friends like Foxnews, who needs enemies? Inside source: Foxnews is deliberately out to sabotage Governor Palin. I’ll have more on this tomorrow on my personal blog.

UPDATED: Governor Palin in NY:


Some more quotes and pictures here

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