Governor Palin: “Planned Parenthood Doesn’t Empower Women or Offer Women who Find Themselves in Less Than Ideal Circumstances Any Kind of Real Choice”

It was a closed press event but someone from Politico purchased a ticket and reportedly heard the Governor say the following at the pro-life fundraiser in Bethesda:

Palin spoke for more than 45 minutes at gathering at a hotel here, a rare public appearance outside the confines of her contributor slot on Fox News. She stumped hard against Planned Parenthood and abortion rights advocates, encouraging her listeners to continue fighting for “positive pro-life messages” in the media.

“We’re not going to be absent from that arena,” she said. “I think we kind of want to infiltrate it. We want to get in there and affect that change.”

Palin praised Heroic Media’s advertising against abortion, on billboards, online and in social media. She also presented an award to Lila Rose, the videographer and activist who did a video sting operation against Planned Parenthood and worked with James O’Keefe on his sting against ACORN.

“Planned Parenthood doesn’t empower women, or offer women who find themselves in less than ideal circumstances any kind of real choice,” she said. “What they offer is not real choice or female health care.”

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