Governor Palin: Reminding Reporters, too, of America’s Foundations

Governor Palin posted the following message via SarahPAC:

It’s interesting when (for the 100th time) reporters shout out, “Why are you traveling to historical sites? What are you trying to accomplish?” I repeat my answer, “It’s so important for Americans to learn about our past so we can clearly see our way forward in challenging times; so, we’re bringing attention to our great nation’s foundation.” When that answer isn’t what the reporters want to hear, we’ve asked them if they’ve ever visited these sites like the National Archives, Gettysburg, etc. When they confirm that they haven’t, it’s good to say, “Well, there you go. You’ll learn a lot about America today.” (They usually don’t want to hear that either!)

Anyway, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are symbols of freedom that ALL of us – not just reporters – can appreciate as reminders of America’s unsurpassed freedoms! What a great visit to these awesome sites!

On July 2, 1776, a group of men in Philadelphia changed the world. They voted to declare their independence from Great Britain, and two days later they approved the wording of their Declaration of Independence.

Together our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the cause of independence. We will never forget that our nation was founded with such courage, and we must not squander what they gave us.

Days later, the bells of Philadelphia rang during the public reading of the Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty Bell was probably among those heard throughout the city. The rich history here reminds us of the ideals espoused by the Founders who labored during a hot summer and changed history.

One of my previous summertime visits here was with a team of young hockey players who shared interesting insight in what they believed had to have been enormous physical challenges in forming the union. Physically being here allowed the Alaskan athletes an appreciation for the statesmen’s long travels on foot and horseback and the tedious days in sweltering heat crafting the documents; and of course the boys were interested in the bloody battles before and after 1776. After the trip from such a faraway western state, the kids had a greater appreciation of what our Founding Fathers went through as they dedicated their lives to America’s unity. I’d encourage all, especially those who live close by, to take advantage of opportunities to learn about these historical sites and find inspiration to keep up the fight for what is right in America.

Meeting up with Alaskan friends and their Somerset, PA family today was a treat. Philadelphia is beautiful and awe-inspiring! Philly’s reporters, the police and the park staff were wonderful. Thank you PA!

Those first place Phillies aren’t bad either.

– Sarah Palin

SarahPAC also has photos of the governor’s trip to Philadelphia.
The Liberty Bell:

Independence Hall

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