Happy Mama Grizzly Day!

The second Sunday in May every year marks Mother’s Day. Mothers, of course, should be appreciated everyday for all that they do to provide for and protect their children, but a day like today is a special opportunity to do recognize these selfless women.

As a mother of five, Governor Palin has a perspective that many others don’t have in her views of government. Mothers recognize better than the rest of us the section of the Preamble of our Constitution where it says that document was established in part to “ensure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”.  Mothers want to protect and provide for their posterity. You can see this in how she has framed some of her political analogies showing hockey moms to be as tenacious as pitbulls and conservative women to be as protective and tough as mama grizzlies, as you may recall from this SarahPAC video last Fall:

Dana Loesch has a great piece up at Big Government today discussing why so many women have become politically active in recent years–very much in line with what Governor Palin spoke about in the video clip above. Loesch’s piece is titled, “Motherhood Is Political”, and in part says:

We’ve taken position against the reckless spending of our children’s future, against the many attempts by the establishment government to assume more parental rights and position our children as wards of the state in education, medicine, faith, diet, and wage. We reject the ideal that the government can be all and provide all because no government can be all, provide all and still reflect a free people. We reject the cultural vehicles through which this ideology is distributed: through the attack on men via feminism, through the cultural criminalization of our boys, and through the false empowerment via promiscuity and self-victimization of our daughters.

This is why motherhood is political. This is why mothers are turning out in force to protest, to petition, to run for office. Our instincts detected a threat to the well-being of their children and we are working to right it.

Old sayings never fail. The most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her children. It remains true today.

Loesch’s words are very true. There are some things only a mother can understand. Perhaps this is why Margaret Thatcher once said, ” [a]ny woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country”. Last year, USA Today Weekend featured Governor Palin in a Mother’s Day piece where she reiterates Thatcher’s statement:

For Palin, the juggling act is evidence of presidential bona fides. “I think this country would be served very well by a woman president, someone who has raised a family,” she says, stopping short of saying she wants to run in 2012. “We just want to get from point A to point B and get the job done. I don’t waste time; I’m too busy.”

Moms understand that you need can’t spend money outside your means,you can’t dither when important decisions have to be made, and you want to ensure that your children are always protected. The same should be true of our leadership.

So to all the mama grizzlies, including Sally Heath, Bristol Palin, and Governor Palin, happy “mama grizzly” day!

As an additional note, take a look at Bing’s home page for Mother’s Day (H/T multiple commenters)!

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