Is Tucker Carlson Attempting to Remake the Daily Caller into the National Enquirer?; Updated: Leaker Exposed

After reading a pathetically silly gossip piece by Cindy Adams wannabe Jonathan Strong at the Daily Caller, I have to conclude yes.  And no, I won’t be providing a link.   I will, however, provide a link to Ace’s take on the latest example of attention whoring and bottom feeding at Tucker “Milfistan” Carlson’s Daily Caller:

The sh*ttiest thing the Daily Caller does here is publish Mansour’s tweets about (I presume) Bristol, which amount to, basically, “Look, she’s a dumb kid, a teenager, what are you going to do?  But she loves her son.”

And the DC published that.  For no earthy reason, except to embarrass Mansour and, by extension, Palin.

Let me weigh in:  It’s embarrassing for the DC.

Let me tell Rebecca Mansour something:  I’ve never talked sh*t about her in my email or tweets but that’s just because I don’t know her.  If I knew her, there’s a 65% chance I would talk some smack about her.

I talk smack about a lot of people.  So do you.  So does everyone.

We generally rely on the idea that we are not talking to actual creeps– in the more evocative meaning of the word, pale nasty things that skulk around our garbage and windows — looking to send some basically news-free but personally embarrassing emails to another creep working in a creep’s media outlet.

The other thing we rely on is, even if we were talking to such a creep, no media organization would decide that someone’s private, meaningless emails meant a g*ddamn thing and would tell the creep sending them along to peddle it elsewhere.

Not Johnathan Strong of the DC, of course.  He cooks up a desperate narrative to attempt to make this seem newsworthy.


Follow the d*uchebag.

Nice work, Johnathan Strong!  You caught someone I never heard of calling someone I did hear of but only a few times a “d*uchebag.”

Calling someone a d*uchebag.

On the internet.

Why if that don’t take all!

Kind of skeezy?  Yeah… just a little bit.

So who is the party that should be ashamed and embarrassed here?

Mansour, for doing what everyone in the world does?

Or Johnathan Strong and the Daily Caller, for doing what no one else in the world would think to do?

I just met Tucker Carlson and he seemed like an okay guy but I gotta tell ya, I gotta think he signed off on this, and… why?

This wet little fart of a story?  Is traffic really that low?


For the love of God they didn’t even catch her saying something unexpected.

You know what would have been newsworthy?  “I don’t think my boss knows what she’s doing.”

Newsworthy.  Worth, I think, exposing someone’s private emails for.

Trouble is…?  Said nothing of the sort.  Called a blogger who annoyed her a d*uchebag, vented at a rival of her boss, offered some gossip about her boss’ non-entity persecutor.

This is what we now know.  Thanks to Johnathan Strong, super-sleuth, and the Daily Caller, which has decided that being a sh*t website that no one cares enough is a good enough ambition.

And she should be embarrassed, huh?  And Palin should be scandalized, huh?

Nah I don’t think so.

Ace has written a great piece and you really need to read the whole thing.   I’ll close by noting that the miserable crap weasle who betrayed Mansour’s trust bears plenty of responsibility here, but the lion’s share of the blame rests with Tucker Carlson, who purportedly runs the Daily Caller.  Who among us doesn’t have our unguarded moments in private when we’re among friends, or those we think are our friends?  This is basic human nature.  I hate to think that some things I’ve uttered or written in confidence would ever be brought to the attention of the parties about whom I spoke.  By publishing private comments that obviously fall into this category, the Daily Caller has stooped lower than the aformentioned crap weasle. Does Tucker Carlson have any standards at all?  I wouldn’t expect Jonathan Strong to, but shouldn’t there be some adult supervsion at the Daily Caller, and shouldn’t Carlson be the one providing it?  On both counts the evidence suggests not.

Update: Surprisingly (sarc), Ben Smith is reporting that this character tried to sell these direct messages to the highest bidder. Even the left-wing Pollutico turned this, dare I say it, dou*chebag down. But not, apparently, Tucker Carlson. Which brings me to the question posed in this post’s title: Is Tucker Carlson trying to turn the Daily Caller into a gossip site a la the National Enquirer. It certainly appears so.

Update II: (h/t Aged P) Ed Morrissey has more on this nontroversy here.

Update III: (h/t Stacy) A few more thoughts on the Daily Caller gossip piece:

Dan Riehl:

Honestly, some people will do anything for attention. I’m not linking the Caller story in question. I didn’t really see anything much to get all that worked up over in it, under the circumstances. But then, I doubt I’d get worked up over a hack like Carlson, or his boy-toy Jonathan Strong giving head to some establishment GOP pol on Pennsylvania Avenue, either. It’s politics, chit happens and chit gets said privately, everyday. Big deal.

Bryan Preston:

The Daily Caller’s Jonathan Strong runs a story based entirely on the private tweets of Sarah Palin staffer Rebecca Mansour. Mansour sent them to someone she trusted, in hindsight trust that the person has proved unworthy to hold. There is no news in the tweets: Mansour does what loyal political staff do, trashing those who trash the boss, dishing, being fierce. Not news, at least to anyone who has ever worked anywhere near politics since the advent of email. But evidently it’s news to Jonathan Strong and the Daily Caller. Frankly, it’s garbage.

Stacy McCain:

At the Daily Caller, Jonathan Strong has done something vaguely akin to burning a source: He published confidential Twitter direct messages between Sarah Palin spokeswoman Rebecca Mansour and someone else.


Good Lord! If I went to press with every unguarded opinion expressed privately to me by political operatives, what untold havoc could I wreak? But that havoc would be short-lived, of course, because once a reporter burns a source, nobody would ever trust him again.



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