John Nolte: MSM Uses Palin’s Own Children as Political Weapons Against Her

John Nolte has written an exceptionally well-documented piece today at Big Journalism in which he painstakingly takes the usual suspects in the mainstream media, from Crazy Andy to Mediaite to Politico and everyone in between, to task for the tactics to which they’ll resort to help their inept Messiah with his re-election campaign by taking out Governor Palin.  An excerpt follows:

In their ongoing crusade to target and silence decent, everyday Americans as racists, some in the MSM love to use the term “dog-whistle” in order to ascribe racial motives to words like, say,  “basketball.” Well, lately I’ve been hearing a dog-whistle of my own — a dog-whistle of the journ-o-list variety that tells me that in their relentless campaign to destroy Sarah Palin and undercut her as a serious political force, the MSM is preparing to up the ante when it comes to using the Governor’s own family and children as a political weapon against her.

First, a little background…

Why the Media Whips Up the Palin-Fury

Watching the MSM react to Governor Palin over the last few years has been an illuminating crash course in Alinsky 101. Like elite, elbow-patched community organizers, the media collectively targets, polarizes, demonizes and intentionally creates a perpetual storm of personal drama around the Governor in the hopes of exhausting even those of us who support her. I call it whipping up the Palin-Fury.

This is a common tactic from the Left, but one we usually see played out in the streets with the idea being to so toxify the atmosphere that decent people give up the fight and go home just to get away from the awfulness of it all. The last few months of ugly and relentless pro-union protests in Wisconsin — though a failure for the left — were a textbook example of this. However, when it comes to Governor Palin, what we’re seeing is this tactic practiced by almost every so-called “objective” news outlet in America.

 Unfortunately, though an important part of it, this goes beyond reporting everything Levi Johnston says and does. A more visceral example is what we saw unfold in the wake of those awful January murders in Tucson. While the country wanted to come together to mourn for the victims and an attack on our democracy, the craven MSM saw an opportunity. I don’t know of any decent person who didn’t sit back in horror as they watched our media attempt to lay an awful crime at the feet of a mother of five who was probably minding her own business at home in Wasilla at the time. Worse still, after days of demanding Palin tell us when she stopped beating her wife, the MSM then collectively mauled her for daring to speak out.

Read the entire piece here. It’s eye-opening.  It’s clear that the media’s goal is to create controversy where there is none in an attempt to take the focus off Governor Palin’s positions on the issues.  This is all Team Obama and their unpaid surrogates in the media can do since her positions on virtually everything from energy to taxes to deficits and debt are not only correct (in stark contrast to Obama’s), but they have the added benefit of being in synch with where the American people are.  When it comes down to her common sense vs. Obama’s nonsense, their’s simply no contest. For this reason, the media is doing everything they can to change the subject and assist their chosen one.  This is not complicated.

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