LSM Disappointed Governor Palin Didn’t Thank Obama… Oh Wait, She Did

It appears every time there is something happening in America, the lamestream media will go out of their way to bring Governor Palin into the mix. I’m still surprised that we haven’t seen any “Mission Accomplished Sarah Palin” posts out there accusing the Governor for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Oh wait, that would help her, oh well.

Somehow or another a scandal has to be created, it didn’t take long and thanks to liberal media bias one was.

Reporting on the Governors speech last night the Denver post writes:

Palin never mentioned President Barack Obama by name — instead saying, “We thank President (George W.) Bush for having made the right calls to set up this victory.”

Obviously implying that the Governor didn’t thank the president. It didn’t take long and the lamestream media, not bothering to actually listen to the speech caught on. The LA Times ran with:

Speaking at a fundraising event Monday evening, Sarah Palin credited President Bush by name for the death of Osama bin Laden but omitted the name of President Obama in her remarks.

KJCT wrote:

During a military appreciation rally Monday in Lakewood, Colorado, outside of Denver, the former vice-presidential candidate applauded the military and a former president for their part in taking down the terrorist, but never mentioned President Obama.

“God bless all the brave men and women in our military and our intelligence services who carried out a successful mission to bring Osama bin Laden to justice,” Palin said. “We thank President Bush for having made the right calls to set up this victory.”

MediaITE wrote:

Here was Palin, undeniably doing something positive for her country and she just goes and leaves herself completely (and perhaps rightfully) open to attacks. While Obama should certainly have played second fiddle to our nation’s servicemen and women at an event like this, a mere mention of his name would have kept her from looking petty and kept the attention on the troops she was tributing.


There is only one problem with this reporting. The Governor DID thank the President. She said:

Yesterday was a testament to the military’s dedication in relentlessly hunting down an enemy through many years of war, and we thank our president. We thank President Bush for having made the right calls to set up this victory.

The Governor also said that it was an “example of the leadership that troops deserve“. Unless the media doesn’t consider President Obama the leader of the nation, who do they think she meant by example of leadership?

One Palin bashing website actually cut a clip to show the Governor only thanking President Bush but conventionally editing out the part where she thanks the president. And that’s the website Politico and CBS use as a sources.

I’m just wondering; Why the sudden urge by the media for the governor to approve of the president, I thought she was irrelevant? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the daily changing narratives. Is Governor Palin relevant, is she irrelevant? I she in, is she out?

This is the problem was the media today. They don’t do their own research or bother to actually read or listen to what the Governor writes or says. Any excuse they have to spin things the Governor does negatively they just pick up a made up scoop and run with it. Then they wonder why the Governor didn’t want to say who is today’s most influential journalist. Because there isn’t one, they are all a bunch of jerks.


Video of the speech. The Governor thanks Obama at the 11:30mark


UPDATE: After pointing out it out to them, MeidaITE updated their post with a clarification.

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