Nate Silver: “Ms. Palin…Would Be in the Strongest Position to Fill the Hole Created by Mr. Huckabee’s Exit from the Race”

You can read why he believes that to be the case here.

Patrick Roberts also writes in the Irish Times that:

But with Trump fading faster than a losing ‘Apprentice’ competitor and Huckabee now looking like he will drop out, Palin is suddenly back in this race if she wants.

Huckabee, with his strong evangelical roots, was a natural to win Iowa and Palin enjoys a comparable level of support among those voters….

That only leaves Palin as the evangelical choice as none of the other contenders have serious traction with those voters.

A win in Iowa could galvanize the Palin campaign heading into New Hampshire in January.

Even liberal Tommy Christopher now believes that “a weak Republican field (which saw their most credible candidate, Tim Pawlenty, outshone by upstart Herman Cain in the first GOP debate) could be an inducement for [Palin] to enter the fray.”

Here is Tony Lee’s take.

Scott Conroy tweets that “[t]his is Big News for Sarah Palin.” Chris Maiorana, one of Huckabee’s former campaign operatives, re-tweeted Conroy’s tweet.

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