Netanyahu to Obama: Your Plan is “Not Going to Happen”; Updated

For those who missed it, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took President Obama to school today. The video below is fifteen minutes long, but Obama yammers on and on for the first seven plus minutes so I’d recommend skipping that part. However, when he finally allows Netanyahu to speak, the Israeli Prime Minister makes the most of it, telling our president that the “plan” he proposed yesterday at the State Department is a non-starter, and that only a plan based on “reality” can work. Netanyahu proceeded to give Obama a much needed Middle East history lesson, and reminded him that the entity to whom Obama wants Israel to give critically strategic territory  is backed by Hamas, to which Netanyahu referred as the “the Palestinian version of Al Qaida.” Netanyahu also reminded Obama that his primary responsibility as Prime Minister is to protect Israel, a concept which evidently hadn’t occurred to Obama.

Throughout the press conference Netanyahu was unambiguous yet remained courteous and soft-spoken. It has to be downright alarming to know that his country’s closest and most important ally in the world has become, to put it diplomatically, unreliable under the current administration. Netanyahu appeared to be walking a fine line between showing the respect due the leader of the free world while at the same time patiently schooling him as one would an errant child who has failed an exam. I get the feeling that Obama is not used to being as thoroughly refudiated as he was…and in public no less. Obama seems none too pleased as Netanyahu takes him and his plan to the woodshed. Click below to watch:

Via The Right Scoop, you can hear Rush Limbaugh’s commentary on today’s evisceration of Obama by Netanyahu here. It’s well worth your time to listen.

Exit question: Is it just me, or does Mr. Netanyahu appear to be in a better mood in the pictures below than in the video above?

Update: (h/t Nicole) A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

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