Rick Moran: Palin’s Appearance at Rolling Thunder “Pitch Perfect”; Updated: Media Interest in Bus Tour ‘Intense’

In a short piece today at American Thinker, Rick Moran opines that Governor Palin’s appearance at Rolling Thunder was “pitch perfect”, and that she knows exactly what she’s doing by keeping the media guessing as to where she will appear next on her bus tour.  Moran’s piece is also noteworthy in that he is no supporter of Governor Palin, as anyone who has read his Palin pieces over the past couple of years can attest:

To make Rolling Thunder the first stop on her bus tour demonstrates a pitch perfect sense of her base of support. The bikers are mostly middle class, God-fearing patriots who are among those hardest hit by the Obama economy. And while there are some who no doubt believed she was trying to upstage the rally itself, she proved that not to be the case – but gained massive attention for her appearance anyway.

She already has the press wondering where she will show up next. By not giving much advance notice, she is proving she doesn’t need huge crowds to get her message out. The media is doing a fine job acting as a megaphone. She also proved that she doesn’t have to make a speech to get 1st class media attention.

What this all adds up to is that Palin may indeed have decided to run. Her tour of historic sites – unnamed as yet – will make splendid backdrops for her appearances, tying her to our past as well as pointing the way to the future.

How about a formal announcement in New Hampshire on the 4th of July?

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Update: Greta Van Susteren’s entry on Gretawire this morning backs up Moran’s point, and speaks to the brilliance of Governor Palin’s media strategy (emphasis added):

Governor Sarah Palin is in Washington, DC today.  How do I know?   Everyone, and I mean almost everyone, in the media is talking about it.   If you watched the Sunday morning shows yesterday, you would have heard  all the pundits and anchors (almost all) talking about her. So, of course,  we set our producer on tracking down someone working with her to book an  interview.  I am doing that interview today on a bus.


Where is her bus tour going? You got me.  My  producer who talked to someone who works with her in order to set up the  interview told me last night that he would not tell her.  We were told to  check their website for any information they are releasing.  He said they  don’t want the media following them and that includes us.   Well…with the  intense interest in her by everyone (almost everyone)  in the media, that  is, I suspect, going to happen.  The media will probably be in hot pursuit. I do know where she is this morning since I am meeting up with the bus  with our crew.  She is not obliged to tell me or my crew where she is  going.  I guess that is like my contract – I am not obliged to tell Fox  where I vacation.

Stay tuned….

By using an unconventional media strategy of keeping the press uninformed of her specific plans, she has only intensified their interest in her tour, and guaranteed more media attention than if she had told them her plans.  This is diabolically brilliant and, I think, foreshadows the out-of-the-box strategy we can expect in a Palin campaign, which will no doubt result in severe indigestion and mental trauma for the Karl Roves of the world.

Exit question: Would such a strategy work for Mitt?  In other words, if the Mittster went on a bus tour and didn’t tell anyone where he was going, would anyone care to find out?  The question, to paraphrase noted misogynist George Will, answers itself.

Update II: Reader William Shipley observes the following:

So the media is plotting to find out where Sarah is going next so that they can show up and cover her — with stories about how she is always seeking media attention.

Excellent point. She’s going out of her way to avoid the media (Little Andy’s close to tears), and they are literally following her everywhere she goes while claiming she’s just doing this for attention.  The irony’s as thick as George Will’s hair piece.

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