Rush Limbaugh: GOP and Dems Both Fear Palin

Last night Rush Limbaugh went On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.  Among the topics discussed were Governor Palin and the fear she instills in both the Democrat Party and GOP establishment.  Via Hiram Reisner at Newsmax:

Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh says if he were President Barack Obama he would not want to face a staunch conservative like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin because she carries a frightening message — that he is beatable. Limbaugh also said on Fox News Thursday night that the GOP establishment fears Palin as well.

Fox News’ Greta van Susteren asked Limbaugh whether Palin’s announced bus trip was the beginning of her presidential campaign.

“I think this bus trip — it’s certainly designed to get people speculating that she’s in,” Limbaugh said. “The thing about Sarah Palin to me is that she has now learned to relish and to profit from all the attention — negative or positive — and she certainly knows negative attention.

“She has suffered slings and arrows — she’s had the media …exam — unlike any other Republican candidate,” he said. “And I think she has now come to grips with the fact that that’s part and parcel of the process. And I think one of the things that she enjoys is just rubbing it right back in their face. She knows that they are trying to intimidate her into silence.

Limbaugh said Palin is mastering the things she will have to master if indeed she decides to run. He also said results of the most recent Gallup Poll that showed her only two points behind former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney “shocked me” — especially since she still hasn’t made a decision.

“That was startling,” Limbaugh said. “Greta you’ve asked the question of the day — you’ve asked the question of the campaign: The Republican Party is really royal right now, ‘Inside the Beltway’ intelligentsia, power base is not oriented towards conservatism.

“Conservative Republicans make them nervous,” he added. “’The Inside the Beltway’ ruling class — the elite — they’re more oriented toward candidates they can attach the word ‘serious’ to — which is another way of saying someone who is boring, who doesn’t ruffle feathers, someone who exudes an air of formal education and sophistication — she doesn’t exude that, and I think it’s going to shake a lot of people up.

“You know the effect that she has on establishment Republican people,” Limbaugh continued. “They’re just as frightened in their own way as the Democrats are of Palin and one thing I think is inescapable — particularly in looking at the Democrats — the Democrats and the media will always tell you who they are afraid of by virtue of who they spend time trying to destroy.”

More here. While we’re on the topic of establishment Republicans, one of Mandate Mitt’s gutless army of anonymous staffers launched another misogynist attack against Governor Palin yesterday, basically calling her an “entertainer”.  Not that misogynistic attacks from Mitt are anything new.  Via Byron York:

“The bottom line is Sarah Palin is not going to run for  president,” says a Republican adviser close to front-runner Mitt Romney. “She’s  making money, she’s moved on, she’s kind of an entertainer rather than a  politician. She still has some sway with the grass roots, but she is not going  to run.”

This is hilarious.  “Some sway with the grass roots”, eh, Mandate Mitt? Not going to run?  And you know this how?  One of T-Paw’s boys joined in:

“I don’t think she’s going to run,” says a Republican  close to Tim Pawlenty. “She has faded a lot in the last few months.

Faded a lot in the last few months?  Where he got that (yes, I’m assuming it’s a “he”) I have no idea.  He likely pulled it from the data base in his lower intestine.  There’s certainly no empirical evidence to back it up.  While polls this far out are essentially meaningless, I haven’t seen any that indicate T-Paw surging ahead of the Governor.  Quite the opposite.  When you read such nonsense from these fools, you’re left with the impression that they’re chasing white rabbits in Alice’s Wonderland. Either that or their benefactors are paying them quite well to be willfully ignorant.  If these Republican insiders are so convinced the Governor isn’t running, why all the sudden commotion yesterday?

That was fast.

Hours after Sarah Palin announced a “national tour” that will point her towards still to-be-announced destinations in New England, several other Republican presidential hopefuls revealed plans for making their intentions known:

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., told Iowa reporters in an evening conference call that she’ll be making an announcement, sometime next month, in Waterloo — the Iowa town where she was born;

Presumed Republican 2012 front runner Mitt Romney let it be known that his long-awaited official announcement will take place on June 2 in New Hampshire;

Former Sen. Rick Santorum has also set his announcement date for June 6.

Hmmmm.  She makes a couple moves toward running for the nomination and they jump with more alacrity than cockroaches when a light comes on.  Just a coincidence, I’m sure.  York does flirt, momentarily, with lucidity in his piece:

Maybe these representatives of rival campaigns are just spinning.

Gee, Byron, ya think? Paging Captain Renault!

Rush is right: Establishment Republicans are just as afraid of Governor Palin as are the Democrats, and their spinning is becoming increasingly implausible.  Denial.

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