Scott Conroy Discusses Governor Palin on CBS (Update)

Scott Conroy, who first broke the news about the upcoming feature-length film on Governor Palin, was on The Early Show this morning on CBS to discuss the film and Governor Palin.

Scott Conroy, a reporter at and co-author of “Sarah from Alaska,” got a sneak peek at the documentary and said on “The Early Show” Thursday he’s heard from “several reliable sources” that, over the next couple of days, another “major indicator” is going to surface that she’s ready to run in 2012.

Of the documentary, Conroy said, “This is really the biggest news that we’ve had in a while about Sarah Palin in terms of her presidential prospects. It’s suggests strongly that she’s been planning something all along. She’s been kind of quiet.”
The documentary, Conroy said, covers Palin’s years as governor in Alaska.


Conroy said, “A lot of people, even Sarah Palin’s biggest fans, don’t really know anything about her record in Alaska. And that’s really what the film focuses on. Her record in Alaska as governor for the first two–and-a-half years that she was in office, the only two-and-a-half years, was very impressive for the most part. She accomplished a lot on oil and gas issues. She really was the kind of maverick that’s now become sort of a cliche. But that’s what attracted her to the McCain campaign. She had approval ratings that were consistently above 80 percent. And she accomplished a lot for the state. She was really a transformative governor in a lot of ways.”

He continued, “So I think what the movie tries to do is it tries to reintroduce her to people who may have already written her off. You know, she became sort of a firebrand for conservatives in the campaign in 2008 and afterwards. But this is really going to try to recapture her independent streak.”


“We have to be careful about some of these narratives that develop inside the Beltway over the last couple of months,” he said. “We’ve heard a lot about Michele Bachmann and it looks pretty clear that she probably is seriously considering a run. But we have to remember, you know, Sarah Palin is someone who singlehandedly turned the 2008 campaign on its head. She can draw a crowd of tens of thousands of people, whenever and wherever she wants. So I mean, she’s been very consistent, I think, since 2008, that she’s seriously considering a run -“

At this point, CBS reporter Jan Crawford (I’ve never heard of her either) provides comic relief by interrupting Conroy to push a now-familiar mainstream media narrative that’s as predictable as it is delusional:

Crawford interjected, “OK, Scott, I’m going to — I’m going to jump in here, because, obviously, she can draw crowds. And obviously she is a major player in the political scene and has a real impact on politics and talking about important issues. People listen to Sarah Palin, and she has important things to contribute. But Newt Gingrich can draw huge crowds, and most people think he’s not going to be elected president, either. Michele Bachmann, I’m not, you know, saying she’s going to be, but she is a serious person. She was a federal tax lawyer. She’s got a record of accomplishment. So, you know, don’t write her off when we’re all looking at Sarah Palin.”

Er…what?  According to this Crawford, Newt can “draw huge crowds” just like Governor Palin? Tens of thousands of people? Really, Jan?  I must have missed that.  About all he draws today are bill collecters from Tiffany’s and conservative hecklers who admonish him to “get out now before you make a bigger fool of yourself“.  Perhaps Crawford is referring to 1994, but even then Newt couldn’t draw crowds anywhere near the size that Governor Palin can.  Newt is increasing in popularity among Democrats, though, as they are now using his words in their latest “Mediscare” ad campaigns.  And Bachmann is a serious person because she specialized in tax law? Um…that’s an interesting metric to by which to judge one’s seriousness.  They’re grasping at straws, folks.  There are more inanities from Crawford too. She even mentions ink blots. Video below:

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Update: Politico reports that “no other candidate’s decision would affect her own” and that her camp is “privately eying July as the last month they could enter the race, if the former governor wanted to throw the switch.”

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