Sean Hannity Exposes Frank Bailey

I was initially skeptical when I heard last night that Sean Hannity interviewed Frank Bailey about “his” new book. I wondered why Hannity would give this guy a platform to sell this garbage on his show. After watching the interview, I understand why Sean had him on.

Hannity completely exposes Frank Bailey as the liar that he is. Bailey lied so many times during this interview that I lost count halfway though. Anytime Frank couldn’t lie his way out of one of Sean’s questions, he was quick to change the subject, even using his own son in one instance. I dare say that Frank Bailey makes Jack Kelly look like Mother Teresa. Yes Frank, I’ve been watching your interviews on MSNBC and I know your talking points. The corrupt agenda-driven hacks that sit in front of the camera on that network may let you ramble through your prepared remarks unchallenged, but Sean Hannity had something else in mind for his audience… The truth about what you are, and why you betrayed Governor Palin.

This is quite the interview:
Part I

Part II

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