Shocker: Mittens is Throwing His Hat in the Ring

Gee, I never saw this coming…but I’ll try to contain my excitement:

A Romney spokesperson tells (sic) former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will formally announce his candidacy for president Thursday, June 2, in New Hampshire.

CNN calls this “breaking” news. Really, CNN? Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know that the Mittster is running for president, and has been since about January 2003? Interesting timing on the announcement from Team Mitt, though.  Why now?  Somehow I doubt today’s date was on his latest Power Point diagram.  Is there, um, anything that’s happened in the past couple days that may have resulted in a sense of urgency to make such an earth-shattering revelation at this time?  Anything at all?

(h/t Whitney)

Update: Reader “nederlandbill” brings up an interesting question in the comments:

Hmmmm–will the Gov be in NH at the same time? And if she is, will there be anyone to witness his announcement?


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