Stephen Bannon: Palin Biography “Will Go Off Like an Atomic Bomb in the Upcoming Republican Primary”

Via Dave Eberhart at Newsmax:

The feature-length biography of Sarah Palin from documentary filmmaker Stephen Bannon “will go off like an atomic bomb in the upcoming Republican primary,” says Bannon who directed the film. Entitled “The Undefeated,” the film is intended to positively reintroduce the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate to the electorate as it hits theaters a month from now, according to a report by

Bannon told The Reporter that his film is at its heart “the story of the dramatic struggle of Gov. Palin against the entrenched Republican establishment and Big Oil. That’s why I say this film is a real-life version of ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’”

In the original “Mr. Smith” a youthful, naive freshman lawmaker played by Jimmy Stewart runs up against the good old boys of the establishment in the halls of the U.S. Congress.

Along the way, Bannon hopes to defuse and debunk some of the less than laudatory stereotyping of Palin by such stars and comics as Matt Damon, Rosie O’Donnell, David Letterman and Bill Maher.

Bannon says the film will look past the ribald rhetoric that followed on the heels of Palin being tapped as John McCain running mate and tell the intriguing and inspiring story of a woman who rose from literally nowhere to become the nation’s most popular governor.

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