Steve Flesher: Palin Slam-Author Advised To Take Ethical Training While Palin Was Cleared

In a post last February, we chronicled some of the in-fighting and general nuttery going on amongst the anti-Palin whack jobs in Alaska with regard to the upcoming book by Frank Bailey, a disgruntled and ethically-challenged former staffer in the Palin Administration. In the same vein, it turns out Bailey (and the entire basis of his book) has been the target of an ethics complaint by Andree McLeod, the Palin-deranged Alaska lunatic who long ago eschewed productive activity in favor of pursuing an all-encompassing obsession with Governor Palin.  What, specifically, McLeod hopes to achieve in her latest enterprise is anyone’s guess…I’m not a psychiatrist and don’t pretend to understand the motivations of the mentally ill…but the hilarity is undeniable.  Today in a piece at the American Thinker, Steve Flesher attempts to sort through the irony, which is palpable:

The anti-Palin books headed our way are sure to delight the usual Palin-bashing keyboard addicts punching away until the wee hours of the night.  On the other hand, they could serve as amusement to others as they become aware of the actual facts.

Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin is set for release May 24, 2011 and bears the authenticity of being the only anti-Palin book co-authored by a former aide of the Governor.  Frank Bailey served with Governor Palin during her election campaign and victory.  Aside from that, it is quite predictable: the book’s other authors are Jeanne Devon, a frequent Palin-basher and writer at the Huffington Post, and Ken Morris, a liberal economist known for his rants against Wall Street.

The book is described by indignant Palin-haters as being one man’s journey (with emails to prove it!). Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite let us know ahead of time what exactly Jeanne Devon or Ken Morris have to do with it.  In a similarly comedic development, the same woman who viciously attacked Sarah Palin with innumerable and frivolous ethics complaints is now filing one against Bailey himself for using state emails acquired while acting as a public servant.  The woman, often referred to as an activist from Anchorage (but referred to respectfully as the “Falafel Lady” by Sarah Palin) is Andree McLeod.


Furthermore, one of McLeod’s numerous ethics complaints against Governor Palin included Frank Bailey for allegedly using their positions to help a campaign supporter get a state position.  As Sean Cockerham of the Alaska Daily News reports, “the investigator concluded Palin didn’t do anything wrong but recommended ethics training for Bailey.”

So, in summary, we now know why Sarah Palin never promoted Frank Bailey as his behavior was found to possess at least some level of unethical quality to it.  We now know why Frank Bailey is disgruntled.  Aside for the fact that nobody knows or cares he exists, Frank Bailey might want to spent more time exploring the blind allegiance he bears to himself without having to slander Sarah Palin’s name on his path.

Read Flesher’s entire article here.  More on the Bailey nonsense here.

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