The Associated Press Concedes that Governor Palin “has a Clean Record on Climate Change” Unlike Pawlenty, Huntsman, and Romney/Open Thread

In case you missed it, SarahPAC has provided the following video preview of her “One Nation” bus tour.

The Associated Press concedes that she’s the only Republican Governor running for President who hasn’t flip-flopped on the issue of climate change.

Ann Althouse gets it mostly right about the Governor’s plans.

Ben Smith concedes that Governor has “been invited by an Alaska veteran leader, and a Palin staffer forwarded an email confirming that.”

Rolling Thunder Riders Praise Sarah Palin’s Participation in Rally

Romney shamelessly endorses ethanol.

Unfortunately, Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann are stronger right now than Pawlenty/Huntsman but hopefully that’ll change once it becomes clear to all Republicans that Governor Palin is the best option for conservatives to defeat either Obama operative Jon Huntsman or Mitt “peacetime” Romney. Even the Daily Kos pollster conceded the point.

Sarah Palin’s Campaign Innovation

Rick Perry’s spokesman says that his boss won’t run.

I just wish one person would respond to Pawlenty by saying “stop worrying about Tim Pawlenty.”

Rush talked a lot about Governor Palin today here.

Dana Loesch Interviews Palin Documentary Filmmaker Steve Bannon

What else is going on today? Who’s going to win the 2006 NBA Finals rematch?

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