When It Comes to Governor Palin, Not Knowing Isn’t Not Happening

In an article for the Washington Examiner Byron York writes:

“The bottom line is Sarah Palin is not going to run for president,” says a Republican adviser close to front-runner Mitt Romney. “She’s making money, she’s moved on, she’s kind of an entertainer rather than a politician. She still has some sway with the grass roots, but she is not going to run.”

“I don’t think she’s going to run,” says a Republican close to Tim Pawlenty. “She has faded a lot in the last few months. I look at what she’s doing now and say that she’s found a way to get back in the story.”


“Watch what she has done,” says the Republican close to Romney. “Has she contacted one major donor across the country about putting together an organization? Has she talked to one member of the Republican National Committee about working for a campaign, or one governor, or one former governor about working for a campaign? The answer is no.”

This is just an example of the many commentators and pundits who argue that Governor Palin isn’t running. Their reasoning? She isn’t doing anything and she hasn’t called anyone.

There is of course one problem with this argument; just because people don’t know if Governor Palin is calling or talking to anyone, doesn’t necessarily mean she isn’t talking to anyone.

The Republican close to Romney is wondering whether Governor Palin has contacted anyone or put up an organization. Wouldn’t you like to know? Of course you would. But Governor Palin doesn’t want you to know, so she isn’t talking to the people who would run and tell you as soon as they hang up the phone with her.

This week Governor Palin has announced the release of a documentary and a bus tour. Both of those required time and manpower to put together. Films don’t produce themselves and buses don’t paint themselves, yet all the people involved knew how to keep their mouths shut, and as a result nothing leaked; no one knew until the moment Governor Palin wanted us to know.

So, Governor Romney, Governor Pawlenty, let me break it to you: You’re not going to know anything, who she’s talking to and how she’s organizing, until Governor Palin wants you to know. And when that happens; you’ll all be grinding your teeth and bitting your lips wondering, how the heck did we miss that?

Ann Althouse has more on York’s article here

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