The Undefeated: A Review; Updated: Reviews by Jedediah Bila and Matt Lewis Added

When I heard there would be a documentary on Sarah Palin coming out soon called “The Undefeated”, I figured the filmmaker would spend the majority of the movie explaining how the three headed dragon, made up of the left, media, and establishment, had worked to defeat Gov. Palin, yet failed.

But after previewing the two hour movie this past week, I realized I had guessed wrong.

Filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon didn’t have to explain how and who, since all he had to do was roll the video and show the truth. The phrase, “You can’t make this stuff up,” applies here perfectly.

The documentary does an excellent job of exposing some of the bizarro behavior exhibited by those that allow hate to drip from their lips and fingertips. In doing so, it all boils down to their record of destruction against the successful and historical record of Gov. Palin’s leadership.

I found it particularly interesting to hear the viewpoints of some of Gov. Palin’s co-workers from her early political days. These weren’t comments by “fans”, but real observations from the trenches. That’s all very helpful when discerning the character of someone versus the media pundits vying for your attention. There’s a reason work applications ask for references. And with this film, you have them.

Additionally, the movie treats you to the connection Gov. Palin has with Americans in general. As we all get more comfortable and connected with technology flooded with the agendas of the left and entertainment industries, it’s more necessary than ever for a conservative leader to make that personal contact and bypass any barriers. Watching Gov. Palin campaign for governor in the film was an encouragement that such exercises can be successful on a national scale, by someone who has shown a record of knowing how.

Of course, definitely insightful were comments by Tammy Bruce, Mark Levin and others who give a punch of reality to the current political atmosphere. Their own experiences in politics are extensive enough to warrant being heard, and they recognize the brilliancy and true grit of a leader like Gov. Palin. And they aren’t afraid to say so.

No one can call Gov. Palin a political lightweight or unelectable and keep a straight face if they watch “The Undefeated” and acknowledge the facts on the screen. As the movie makes its way around the country, go ahead now and make that mental list of who you can take with you to watch. This is a chance for you to remove barriers and open eyes.

Karen Allen

Grassroots Coordinator, Organize4Palin

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