America’s Crossroads

Guest Submission by: By Nicholas Ables

Since the midterm elections I have been thinking about what the results mean for Barack Obama’s agenda. Everyone from Charles Krauthammer to some on the left are saying that “Obama’s agenda is dead” because the American people rejected it. I don’t disagree, but the fact is it may be too late. Obama has set into motion the dismantling of America, as we know it, with the passage of Obamacare. I believe that if we do not repeal it before it goes into effect in 2014, the America we know and love will cease to exist.

I believe that Barack Obama knew that if he passed his agenda, he could be a one-term president. He has gotten more accomplished in the past 2 years than most presidents could only dream of. But with the passage of national healthcare we are at a precipice. We are teetering on the cliff between freedom and totalitarianism. If we continue on the current path there will be no turning back, all will be lost and it will be our fault.

The Republicans have a mandate from the American people: save freedom! That is what we voted for. We want the Obama agenda not only stopped but the country thrown into reverse and taken back to a time before the Age of Obama. It is up to them. Will they listen to the American people or will they fall into the Washington trap?

If they fail in their mission, we may as well pack up and kiss goodbye to our great The presidential election of 2012 will be a crossroads for America. We will have a clear decision to make: freedom vs. totalitarianism. I believe that the candidate the GOP nominates could be the most momentous decision in our country’s history.

If we allow the media to select our candidate and end up with another moderate, mushy nominee, we will be effectively ending the conservative movement and the Republican Party. The reason for this is that the next president will have to repeal national healthcare before it goes into effect. The American people will expect this, but more that that America depends on it.

Obama has sown the seeds for this catastrophe. They delayed the start date until after the next presidential election. Obama knows that more than likely he will not win re-election, so the GOP will be burdened and blamed when this goes into effect. If it does happen, the Republican president will be blamed and this will end the GOP. With national healthcare in effect, the conservative movement cannot survive. How can it? The government will be involved in every aspect of our lives…you can’t have conservatism. It will be dead in America, and the Republican Party forever will be blamed for ending the free-market system in this country.

This nightmare has not yet come to pass.

If we nominate a strong, proud conservative we can stop this. I believe that the media is telling us who this person is. Rush Limbaugh has said that, “the media is telling us who they fear most, and it’s not Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee.” I believe that Sarah Palin must be our candidate. She has the grit; values and determination to bring America back to greatness.

We can repeal obamacare. We can become the leader for freedom again in the world. We have been given a chance these past few years to see what the world is like without us at the top. Not only are we rejecting it, but so is most of the world. I believe that our best years are ahead of us. If we just remember who we are, our Constitution, the values of our Founding, we can once again lead the world. If we don’t, the world will be a very dark place.

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