An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Submitted by: Mary Beth House –


Dear Governor Palin,

May I call you Sarah?

I hope that’s okay because, like many Americans, even though we’ve never met, I feel like I’ve come to know you almost personally over the last few years.

I know that you see the challenges before us as a nation, including the dangers posed to our Republic from within our own government, and I know that you understand that, in order to face these challenges head on, we’ll need the right person leading the charge in 2012.

Sarah, I believe with everything in me that that person is you.

As you and your family prayerfully consider the best way to navigate the thorny path of Presidential politics, please allow me to share with you why and how I came to the conclusion I did above.  The best way I know how to do that is to let you into my thought process regarding what I feel are the necessary traits our next President must have.  Each one of these traits, in my humble opinion, are a must and operationally, lacking any one of these traits makes a potential candidate a non-starter.

1.  A Solid, Common-Sense Conservative. I don’t expect perfection and I don’t imagine I would agree with every decision you’ve ever made in your career.  But then again, I think anyone looking for the perfect candidate is setting themselves up for a fall.  So, whereas I don’t require perfection, I do require consistency.   Anyone who takes even a cursory look at your record will see that you practice what you preach…that your actions and your style of governing has been consistently and solidly conservative.

2.  A Leader. We need someone who’s willing to take a stand on the issues that are important to saving our Republic, even when it means making decisions that are difficult or could cost that leader personally.  You, more than any other potential candidate, have exhibited the ability to make just those kinds of decisions.  You’ve shown that you’re willing to do what’s right even if it doesn’t make you all that popular in some circles.

Now more than ever, we need that kind of selfless, principled leadership that doesn’t stick its finger in the wind.

3.  Someone with Executive Experience, both in Government as Well as the Private Sector. It’s not enough, in my humble opinion, to just have executive government experience…although that is a must.  I think it’s imperative to have executive experience in both the private and public sector.  Why?  As a business owner, you understand what obstacles the government has put in place to inhibit growth and job creation.  As an executive in government, you understand what can sometimes be the cesspool of politics.  We need someone who has experience in both so we can have some confidence that going to Washington won’t corrupt them as easily as it does others.

4. A Survivor/Thriver. I know it seems to be en vogue for various nominal conservative groups and publications to latch on to the latest new shiny “might runs”… but for the life of me, I cannot figure out their logic.  You are perhaps the most vetted candidate we’ve seen in who knows how long.  Any potential skeletons have long ago seen the light of day and have lost their sting.  You’ve been attacked endlessly from every angle on a range of issues covering the absurd to some of the vilest, most irresponsible insinuations.  And yet, you’re still standing.  As an analogy, you’re like a toy who’s been played with by energetic toddlers but are no worse for wear.  So why would we want to latch on to a new, shiny toy who has not been through the gauntlet you’ve endured?  Who could very well break the first time its picked up?  That said, it’s not enough to just be able to withstand the torrent of bile spewed at you.  Our candidate must also be able to thrive… in other words, this person must be…

5.  Someone Who is Not Only Not Cowed by the Leftist Media, But Who Knows How to Turn An Attack Into a Positive. This cannot be overstated.  We need to make sure that our candidate has the ability to make the argument about something that is truly relevant to our cause or to turn it into a tool that people can and do relate to.  You have that gift and it is of inestimable value.

6.  A Fighter. This is almost synonymous with Leadership, but it goes a step further.  A fighter is not swayed by whether or not the party likes them.  A fighter knows that we have a long, tough slog ahead and recognizes that it is necessary to be on the offense when confronting corruption, waste and fraud from both parties.  A fighter doesn’t back down, doesn’t give up or give in.  A fighter, when cornered, doesn’t retreat.  A fighter finds a way around the barrier and comes back twice as hard.  A fighter never quits.

You are just that fighter, Sarah.

7.  A Happy Warrior. Like I said above, yes we need a fighter…but we need that fighter to be able to deliver some of their best blows with a smile on their faces.  A Happy Warrior knows when to pick a battle and when to let something slide…and a Happy Warrior knows how to return fire on the enemy with a wink and a smile.  A Happy Warrior does not let the battle weigh them down.  A Happy Warrior knows what’s important in life and finds joy in family and faith.  Again… this describes you to a T.

8.  Someone Who Knows How to Supersede the Media. This requires savvy and a willingness to not play by the conventional rules of the game.  Unlike everyone else, you’ve exhibited the ability to effectively use media platforms of your choosing, such as Facebook.

How many other potential candidates can say their Tweets are newsworthy?

9.  Someone Who Knows How to Reach Out to Independents in Middle America… Potential Allies… Without Watering Down the Message. President Obama is the most polarizing political figure in recent memory and yet the media paints you as the polarizing one.  This is something we, your supporters, must fight tooth and nail.  You are not polarizing nor are your positions radical or unseemly.  In fact you have proven to have the rare ability to reach out to middle America…to union folks especially…with passion and conviction…never wavering.   You know how to connect to those who might not necessarily be perceived as the most obvious choice of allies to find common ground and generate support without weakening your principled stances.

10.  A Non Flip-Flopper. I have no problem with a person who changes their position over time as new evidence becomes known.  But I despise politicians who are whatever people want them to be and have, as Thomas Sowell quoted a phrase coined by Thorstein Veblen “a versatility of convictions.”  I respect you because your message is consistent and you do not change your positions to be more appealing to a specific constituency.  Thank you for your principled leadership.

11. Someone Who Recognizes And Follows Reagan’s 11th Commandment. I’ve seen an endless stream of fellow Republicans take various pot shots at you and you’ve responded, I think, perfectly appropriately with a well placed swipe to remind them not to take you lightly.  But I’ve never seen you launch a gratuitous attack on a fellow Republican.  In fact, even when campaigning for Republicans against other Republicans, you’ve shown grace and poise, always emphasizing the pluses of why you supported someone, without going negative on the other person.  I have no reason to doubt that this trend would continue were you to run for the Presidency.  Not to say that you would not aggressively work to prove yourself to be the right choice with the right plan for America…but you would not need to stoop to their level of personal snipes.  I’m confident that given your record and given the record of the others, you’re one of the only ones who could run a clean campaign in this regard.

12.  A Powerhouse Campaigner and Fundraising Juggernaut. Obama plans to raise 1 billion dollars for the next election cycle.  Whether or not that’s political hype I’ll leave to others to determine…however, we must plan as though he will do as he says in this regard.  No one… NO ONE… has even a chance of coming anywhere close to this.  Except you.  Same with campaigning.  Not one of the other possible candidates have the potential or the record of not only drawing large crowds campaigning for themselves but also campaigning for others.  You truly are the only one who can create the necessary enthusiasm to draw the crowds needed and raise the money necessary to take on a sitting President.

13.  Someone Who Plans for a 50 State Strategy. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing the GOP give up on states that might be winnable with some effort.  I know you experienced the same frustration regarding Michigan in 2008.  Now more than ever though… we must consider states that usually are not so GOP friendly… to be in play.  I think the losses the union bosses are currently experiencing will loosen their stranglehold on the electoral process and I think we’ll see union members become Palin Democrats just as their predecessors in 1980 became Reagan Democrats.

14.  Not Obsessively Partisan. (aka Someone Who Recognizes the Damage Squishy Capitulators in the GOP Cause and Actively Calls Them Out Too)  Now is the time for bold leadership, not mealy mouthed capitulation.  You are one of the only ones calling out our side for giving up and giving in.  We’re heading for a cliff and some on our side refuse to take action because it would cause them discomfort or force them to give up some of their power.  We must stand strong against that attitude.  We must remove those who don’t have the heart to roll back a century of wasteful spending, government expansion and stifled liberties.  You’ve proven to be willing to take on that fight.

15.  A Straight Shooter. (aka Someone Who Says What They Mean and Means What They Say) The saying goes something like “don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”  We saw a bunch of our new representatives promise major cuts in spending and then turn around and gave us less than nothing while demanding that we praise their “bold efforts.”  Hogwash!  I believe you are a straight shooter, Sarah.  Not perfect by any means, but no one else is either.  But I believe that if you commit to cutting spending, getting rid of wasteful programs and pushing things down to the state level, that you will do everything in your power to make it happen.  Whereas from others I’d perceive these as campaign promises that would die once they were elected, I believe that you would recognize that these kinds of promises must be kept.  You don’t posture and preen and make false promises to sucker voters into supporting you.   You’re the only one on the horizon who would never promise a chicken in every pot, as it were.  Thank you for keeping it real.

Sarah, America is crying out for real leadership.  The people of our Republic are frustrated and angry at politicians who refuse to do the hard work we sent them to do.  We need someone who can stand against the tide of hate with a message of true hope and a faith in the American spirit.  We need bold, decisive leadership that refuses to back down.  We need someone who will keep their word.  We need a Constitutional Conservative who recognizes “That government is best which governs the least.” (T. Jefferson)  We need someone who understands the dangers of socialized medicine, not producing our own resources, using food as fuel, over taxing our job creators, over borrowing, over spending, monetizing our debt….and is willing to put themselves out in the front to take the lead before we plunge into the abyss.

We need someone who has withstood the left’s gauntlet of hate…who knows how our leftist adversaries operate and will not back down or shy away from confronting and exposing their political and personal intimidation machines, both in and out of the media.

We need you, Sarah.  Will you answer the call?

I respectfully request that you keep these things in mind as you prayerfully deliberate over what course of action to take.

And know that we’ve got your back.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mary Beth House
O4P Coordinator for Tennessee (the Volunteer state)


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