Andrea Mitchell Digs Up Another Slimy Source to Smear Palin

Seemingly not content with her Rolling Thunder lie about Governor Palin last weekend, Andrea Mitchell appears to be at it again. On her program, Andrea Mitchell Reports, Mitchell spoke to a dubious member of the New Hampshire seacoast community who made some outrageous claims.

(We don’t have video confirmation yet as Sheya has been quite busy today, but Sinistar created this very cool screen grab and I made up a half-baked transcript of what I imagined was a very biased report. You know, making stuff up is fun. Maybe I could work for the mainstream media!)

h/t Sinistar

Mitchell: I don’t want to put words in your shell, but isn’t it true you and your felllow mollusks are pretty unhappy with former Governor Palin’s appearance in your quiet shore?

Clam: Well, everyone knows we live buried just beneath the sand and mud. We like our privacy.

Mitchell: To your knowledge, was Palin ever invited by your group?

Clam:No, I have no knowledge of an invite being extended. It’s pretty rare that we would invite a politician here. They’re usually sucking up elsewhere in the state.

Mitchell: What if anything would you say to Palin if you could?

Clam: Frankly, Andrea, as long as she smothers me with melted butter, what the hell do I care?

Mitchell: Thank you for coming on the program, and again, Sarah Palin making waves, this time with an unathorized clam kill.

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