Anthony Martin: The Palin Effect

An insightful piece by Anthony Martin at the Examiner.  An excerpt follows:

By now most informed Americans are aware of what has become known as ‘Palin  Derangement Syndrome,’ a malady that afflicts most of the mainstream media and  their progressive cohorts. ‘PDS’ causes otherwise intelligent human beings to go  stark-raving nuts whenever Sarah Palin even so much as mentions in the news she  is going to get her hair done. She has been called every name in the book,  accused of not really being the mother of her son Trig, along with the  commonly-held belief among progressives, which has been recently thoroughly  repudiated, that she is an air-headed idiot who probably should not be allowed  to drive much less run for office.

In the midst of such lamentable lunacy Palin apparently has begun to  manipulate the media. Such a tactic could be viewed by some as cynical and  dishonest. But given the circumstances, particularly in light of the widespread  mantra of progressives and media hate-mongers that she is responsible for the  Tucson massacre, the tactic is not only defensible but commendable. The effect  has been profound.

This effect, an outgrowth of the scientific concept of ’cause and effect,’ is  based upon Palin’s deliberate and calculated feed of targeted information to the  media while withholding other information the news hounds so desperately desire.  This writer designates the phenomenon as ‘The Palin Effect.’

During Palin’s must-touted bus tour of the eastern sector of the country, the  Palin Effect was in full view. She refused to give the media her itinerary,  leaving them to scramble to attempt to figure out where she would go next. This  kept the piranhas occupied while she went about towns and cities greeting the  people without being forced to endure mindless, diversionary questions from  ‘reporters’ who are actually soldiers on a mission to destroy.

Not only were the media mongrels miffed but they were forced into a frenzy  closely akin to that of the paparazzi. The entire scenario was like a scene from  the keystone cops, an hilariously scornful display of uncertainty, bewilderment,  anger, and outright panic. The ‘Mama Grizzly’ had them exactly where she wanted  them.

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