Bizarre: Krauthammer Claims it’s Bachmann’s “Turn” to Run

I’m not making this up. Most of what I’ve read concerning last night’s comments from the “Fox All-Stars” panel involved the continuing insistence by all of those employed by Fox News that Governor Palin is not running, which Sheya discussed extensively yesterday.  I missed Special Report last night so this morning I watched.  While it’s true that they all basically claimed to have divine knowledge that she’s not running, the most noteworthy nugget from the panel, in my mind, was an inexplicable comment Krauthammer made at about the 1:05 mark in the video below:

“It’s Michele’s turn this time around”? Leaving aside the idiocy of the Republican tendency to nominate the loser from the previous primary cycle (see Bob Dole or John McCain, for example), what the hell is Krauthammer talking about?  If you subscribe to the “next in line” theory (I do not), by what metric is Bachmann next in line?  How is it her turn?  Governor Palin is a former governor and, oh yeah, vice-presidential nominee.  Bachmann is at the beginning of her third term in the House and has never even run a state-wide election, much less a national campaign.  How in Krauthammer’s mind is it Bachmann’s turn and not Palin’s?  Is it just me or is this one of the dumbest things Krauthammer’s ever uttered?

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