Breitbart: “The Undefeated” Is Vindication for Palin

Scott Conroy posted an interview he conducted with Andrew Breitbart, over at RCP concerning the upcoming film about Governor Palin’s record The Undefeated, which he also took part in:

Breitbart is set to introduce the pro-Palin film “The Undefeated” when it premieres Friday in Minneapolis at the RightOnline Conference — the first of three prominent gatherings for conservative activists in which the documentary will be screened in advance of its opening to the general public in Iowa and other early-voting states later this month.

Breitbart has met Palin only three times and says that he has spent a total of less than 10 minutes in her presence. Nonetheless, he said that his most recent experiences in leading the scandal charges against Rep. Anthony Weiner have made him even more sympathetic to Palin’s treatment by the media.

“The movie is vindication,” Breitbart said. “What the congressman in his press conference was to me, this movie is for Sarah Palin.”


Asked whether he saw a disconnect between the film’s second act — which touts Palin’s bipartisanship and collaborative governing style in Alaska — and his own hyper-ideological statements toward the end of the documentary that align with the unyieldingly conservative image that Palin has embraced since the 2008 campaign, Breitbart was quick to emphasize the nature of his target, which soon might become hers.

“I’m attacking the Republican establishment, so I’m saying this isn’t about the Democratic Party,” he said. “This is about the Republican establishment that watched her maligned and eviscerated by the very forces that they go to great lengths to placate because they know it could happen to them to. And so the lack of chivalry from the male Caucasian establishment while she’s being kicked mercilessly was a very important lesson for me to learn about how politics is done in Washington.”


Despite a slew of polls indicating that most voters have largely settled on their perceptions of Palin, Breitbart is confident that “The Undefeated” will help change minds among Republican caucus and primary voters, despite its unabashedly partial treatment of its subject matter and a long format that might not be ideally suited for modern political communication.

“Two hours is nothing in a world in which countless hours are spent on television devoted to perpetuating the mythology of her and the caricature of her and the wrongheaded notions of her,” he said. “In two quick hours, people will have not just their opinion of Sarah Palin reset, but it serves to show just how predictably evil the mainstream media can behave.”

You can read the whole thing here.

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