Conservative Media Figures Weigh in on “Operation Get Sarah”

The Daily Caller shares some thoughts from Michelle Malkin, Jedediah Bila, and others on the release of tens of thousands of pages of emails from Governor Palin and her staff and the new low of the media in soliciting the help of their readers in finding “interesting” revelations from these emails:

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin told The Daily Caller that the Times and the Post should just finally admit it: they are “left-wing organs.” Malkin wondered why these bold, new media-minded folks were not investigating the Obama administration.

“Where were all the crowd-sourcing champions at the New York Times and Washington Post when Democrats dumped the thousand-plus pages of the Obamacare and stimulus laws on the American people?” Malkin asked in an email to TheDC. “How about issuing an open call for collective public analysis of the nearly 1,400 recipients of HHS health care waivers? Or perhaps a project to pursue FOIA requests and reader information-gathering to probe Project Gunrunner?”

Malkin said calls for reader help with investigations that are critical of anyone on the left “ain’t gonna happen, of course,” at the Post or the Times. “So perhaps these left-wing organs should simply abandon all pretenses and form a progressive consortium with the Huffington Post and Daily Kos to officially unveil Operation Get Sarah,” Malkin said. “Then they can submit their joint application for the Pulitzer Prize in public-service journalism while mocking Palin for her thin skin.”


Accuracy in Media’s Center for Investigative Journalism director Cliff Kincaid told TheDC that these open calls for help attacking Palin show the Times and the Post are biased and lazy.

“The appeal for help going through the Palin emails reflects both liberal bias and laziness on the part of these news organizations,” Kincaid said in an email to TheDC. “They want dirt on Palin but don’t want to get their fingernails dirty doing the digging. They personally don’t want to spend the time sifting through the material, but are afraid they might miss something that could be interpreted in such a way as to cast Palin in a bad light.”

“So they are relying on amateurs and free labor to do the heavy lifting,”Kincaid said. ”Reporters don’t have the time to actually do the work because they are primping for their next TV appearance or getting makeup in the green room. This is the nature of liberal journalism today.”

Even if Times and Post readers answer the call to start ripping apart Palin’s emails, there is still no indication they will find anything controversial. Jedediah Bila, a columnist for The Daily Caller and author of the new book “Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative,” said she thinks this latest call is indicative of the mainstream media’s treatment of Palin.

“Many in the mainstream media have what I refer to as Palin-OCD. Sarah Palin is a gutsy, principled conservative with a solid record of accomplishments, and that scares the living daylights out of the Left,” Bila said in an email. “They typically don’t pick on her record because AGIA, ACES, slashing earmarks by 85%, investing $5 billion in state savings, and backing up rhetoric about transparency and spending cuts with bold action are tough to pick on. So, they dig for something ridiculous they hope media outlets will run with via catchy headlines.”

Bila points out that these news organizations complain about Palin all the time yet continue to cover her by choice.

“Many of the same ‘journalists’ insisting that Palin is irrelevant ironically hang on her every word, desperate to snatch something they can sensationalize,” Bila said. “Interesting that so many of those reporters don’t harbor the same investigative passion when it comes to their heroes on the left.”

Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center told TheDC the Times and Post are “making a mockery of objective journalism” by asking their readers to help “investigate” Palin. “This is character assassination on the part of the Times and Post,” Bozell said in an email. “If they want to show balance and objectivity they should also ask readers to submit evidence of Obama Cronyism towards his political benefactors.”


Malkin concludes that this is yet another example of the Post and the Times spouting elitist liberalism and attempting to pass it off as journalism. “Now: Can you imagine if Fox News asked viewers to join them in a similar endeavor?” Malkin told TheDC. “Every journalism pooh-bah across the country would be caviling about the un-credentialed barbarians at the media gate. Question: How do you become a journalist? New York Times and Washington Post editors’ answer: By our invitation only.”

Read the whole piece here.

Such behavior from the mainstream media has sadly become par for the course. In 2009, the Associated Press devoted a mere five staff members to “fact check” the thousands of  “Climategate” emails that showed scientists manipulated and hid climate change data while devoting eleven staff members to “fact check” Governor Palin’s 413 page  memoir, Going Rogue. You never know, however. The New York Times, The Washington Post, and their “investigative” readers may discover that Governor Palin used emoticons in her emails on occasion. Such unserious behavior renders one unqualified for the Presidency. Just ask Charles Krauthammer and George Will.

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