David Frum Pretty Upset the Media’s Covering Governor Palin and Ignoring Mitt Romney.

Cry me a river:

Sarah Palin has mesmerized the cable shows by revving a bus and riding a Harley.


Meanwhile, the man who was and is the actual front-runner in the Republican presidential race rates barely a mention in the media commentary.

I’m talking about Mitt Romney of course, the former governor of Massachusetts who has polled first in almost every Republican presidential preference poll since January 2009. Yet somehow the commentariat will not believe it.

It’s truly amazing anyone still listens to this moron, but his musings do undeniably provide comic relief.  A few days ago I observed him on TV (can’t remember what day or channel) claim that as soon as Mittens sweeps the Super Tuesday Primaries, it will be all over and we’ll look back on the summer of 2011 with a sense of nostalgia or something.  After all, the Mittster’s nomination is pre-ordained according to Frum, who recently got his shorts in a bunch because he disagreed with Governor Palin’s choice of travel agency when she visited Israel.  

Note to David Frum: Nobody’s paying attention to Romney (or yourself) because nobody cares what either of you have to say.  And even if they did care what Romney has to say, it wouldn’t matter because what he says has a shelf life of, at most, a day or two. Speaking of Mitt Romney…and comic relief…here’s a fun new potential Romney campaign add via SerumVerum. Enjoy:

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