Does Michele Bachmann Agree With Her Spokesman?; Updated

Today Michele Bachmann’s spokesman, Ed Rollins, whom she recently hired, had some rather nasty things to say about Governor Palin. In order to give Bachmann the benefit of the doubt, we respectfully request that she either affirm her support for the long-time beltway fossil’s idiotic comments…or refudiate them.

Update: (h/t Jim R) Via the Star Tribune, another of Bachmann’s employees, Andy Parrish, attempted to rationalize the comments of her newest employee, Ed Rollins:

Bachmann aide Andy Parrish said Rollins was not speaking as a Bachmann adviser. “The Congresswoman and Ms. Palin have an excellent relationship,” Parrish said in an e-mail. “Rollins was in his media analyst role.”

People can judge for themselves whether this convenient excuse explanation is credible…or not.

Update II: Legal Insurrection: Michele Bachmann’s First Big Mistake – Hiring Ed Rollins


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