Dr. Krauthammer and Gov. Palin: Analyzing the Analyst; Updated: Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin Weigh In

An interesting piece by Tom Rowan with the above title appears in today’s American Thinker.  In his piece, Rowan attempts to analyze Krauthammer’s proclivity to put his normally rational analysis aside and descend into irrational nonsense whenever the subject of Governor Palin comes up:

The most valuable characteristic an established “wise man” can have is the ability to see and tell the truth.  Speaking the truth about current events is where Krauthammer seems to hit all the right notes.  Only on very rare occasions does this maestro hit a decidedly sour note.  And these false notes are starting to become glaringly tinny when Krauthammer opines on Sarah Palin.  With Palin, Krauthammer’s reliable sights become suspect.  He lowers himself from wise man to wise guy.  He leaves his well positioned observation post to take up a sniper’s position in the mud. 

Why does he do this?  And why is he making a habit of it?  What exactly is Krauthammer’s beef with Governor Palin? 

I am guessing Krauthammer’s miserable failure as speechwriter for Walter Mondale has at least something to do with his ongoing campaign to delegitimize Palin.  I would wager that Krauthammer wrote the line that sank Mondale: “Mr. Reagan will raise taxes; and so will I.  He won’t tell you.  I just did.”  I suspect Krauthammer is still smarting from his colossal election failure and from time to time is re-fighting the campaign against that phony cowboy Reagan.

Perhaps this is where Krauthammer harvests his unseemly vitriol against Palin.  While the nation yearns for the “next Reagan,” Krauthammer seemingly yearns to seek and destroy any true blue Reaganite.  His most recent oddball attack on Palin seems like only yesterday: 

The problem with her, I think, is that she is not schooled. I don’t mean she didn’t go to the right schools. I mean when you get into policy, beyond instincts — I like her political instincts, I like her political overall view of the world — but when it comes to policy, she had two-and-a-half years to school herself and she hasn’t and that’s a problem. … It’s not only the lack of schooling; it’s the lack of effort to school herself and the lack of insight to see that she needs it.

I like Krauthammer’s overall view of the world, but when did Charles go to school to become a schoolmarm scold?   Does he hand out homework assignments to Palin?  By what factual basis does Krauthammer make this charge?  For all anyone knows Sarah Palin has been taking tap dancing lessons from Henry Kissinger.  Krauthammer certainly has no way of knowing.  So why is Krauthammer shooting these gratuitous broadsides against Palin?  And why isn’t Krauthammer’s laser-like analysis focused on this nation’s biggest disaster on any policy, namely Obama?  

Why is Krauthammer so unjustly dismissive of Palin’s intellect?  She displayed more knowledge of the Constitution than Joe Biden did during their debate.  I cannot think of one single issue or “policy” that Palin does not hold the same position that most thinking conservatives hold.  On energy, taxation, and social and foreign policy matters, most conservative groups I speak to find her perspective of the political landscape a breath of fresh air.  What is Krauthammer sniffing?  And why is he sniffing at all?

Rowan makes an excellent point here, and one I’ve made many times in the past:  None of the other potential 2012 candidates have the impeccably conservative positions on the major issues that Governor Palin does.  Yet Krauthammer and those of his ilk choose to ignore this and attempt to make the case that we should support candidates who take decidedly non-conservative positions on such basic issues as cap and trade, ethanol subsidies, and government health care mandates, to name just three.  How does this advance the cause of conservatism?  It sounds more like unilateral disarmament to me.  With conservatives like this, we don’t need liberals. 

To win in 2012, Republicans need to run a candidate who can draw a sharp contrast to Obama’s disastrous policies, and Governor Palin is the only one who can credibly do that.  Bold colors, not pale pastels. Rowan ends his piece by suggesting it is not Palin who should leave the room, as Krauthammer once suggested, but Krauthammer:

As a political junkie myself, I have my own political heroes and villains.  My heroes always try to tell the truth in the political bubble populated with the usual crowd of liars.  The villains are vindictive gossips who lie by omission when they are not lying straight to your face.  In this real-life drama, America’s future is at stake.  And the stakes are too high to sabotage good people with unwarranted twaddle.  In the last analysis, a man like Dr. Krauthammer should know that gratuitous ankle-biting is unbecoming of one who has earned our respect.  Or perhaps when conservatives have thoughtful discussions of Governor Palin, we should start by asking Charles Krauthammer to leave the room.

Touché.  Read Rowan’s entire article here.  It’s excellent.

Update: I inadvertently posted this before I was ready, which explains the sudden appearance of my musings above.  I guess this is what happens when one gets on the computer before being fully awake.

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Update II: Rush Limbaugh discusses Rowan’s piece here.

Update III: Mark Levin weighs in on Rowan’s article:

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