‘Eeyore Conservatives’ — Helping the Media Win Since 2008

“I love Sarah Palin, but … “

I’m sure you’ve encountered that expression many times from weak-kneed conservatives in your daily life, on the pages of so-called conservative publications, or from big-mouthed losers who simply want attention. The reasoning that inevitably follows:

“Yes, Sarah Palin has all the right ideals, and governed her state bravely and wisely, but she is too damaged by the media to win. So let’s just surrender, and hope the bad people don’t do that again to another one of our candidates.”

It’s pathetic really. Man up, conservatives!

Over at Hillbuzz, they call these “I-love-Sarah-Palin, but” folks Eeyore Republicans — after the sadsack donkey of Winnie-the-Pooh fame. Eeyore never saw a glass of water without bemoaning its potential emptiness.

And that’s all these “Eeyore Republicans” have as well. They allow a wishcasting media to tell them Palin’s electability glass is mostly empty, when the facts contradict this popular myth.

Here are the glass-half-full-facts:

– Palin is running ahead or a close second to Mitt Romney in every poll of GOP candidates, despite not announcing her candidacy, and despite being pummelled for three years.

– When accounting for the routine over-sampling of Democrats, Palin is actually tied with Obama in five key swing states, despite not announcing her candidacy, and despite being pummelled for three years.

– Palin’s overall favorability numbers have dramatically increased of late, despite not announcing her candidacy, and despite being pummelled for three years, and despite the fact that the public at large hasn’t had a chance to see Palin present her case directly to the American people.

– Palin and the Tea Party led the GOP to an historic 69-seat pick-up in Congress last fall, and swept to 11 governorships, including many in blue states, and a majority of state legislatures, despite being called racist fringe and despite being opposed, in some cases, by the GOP establishment.

– Interest in Palin as a political leader is through the roof. Just this year she was the keynote speaker at the Ronald Reagan 100th birthday celebration, and at the India Today Conclave in New Dehli, where local reporters described her address as “spell binding.”

– Hordes of media followed Palin on the first leg of her “One Nation” tour. Insiders say that several in the media privately commented that they were “blown away” with Palin’s ability to connect with ordinary people, as well as with her natural accessibility, as she granted 17 impromptu press conferences along the trail.

When you add it all up, the honest among us would have to conclude that Palin would be a formidable presidential candidate were she to announce her candidacy. Would drama follow her along the campaign trail? No doubt. But much of that drama, as we saw with e-mail-palooza, is ginned up by a media frothing at the mouth.

The truth is … they know what we know: Palin is a powerful force that threatens the foundations of liberalism, and the Obama presidency. She is the most popular and populist conservative candidate to come along since Reagan (who was also viewed as unelectable prior to his landslide victory over the Obama-esque Carter).

Why would folks not at least want someone like Palin to run?

To any of your close conservative friends who love Palin but are embarrassed by the media’s character assasination of her, I urge them to read this comment left at Hot Air over the weekend. It sums up the situation beautifully.

I’m still waiting for so many conservatives to get the wake up call that if Palin truly is unelectable, it’s time to put a fork in the conservative movement and call it done because way too many conservatives out there are not willing to fight where it counts. Not sure if they are too lazy? apathetic? unaware? unconcerned? But what I really think it is is that too many conservatives like the idea of battling the left and fighting the good fight, but when it comes to the actual battle, it looks more mundane, time consuming and difficult than the picture of conservative victory they have in their head where the heir to Reagan rides in and all liberals and independents immediately kneel and acknowledge the error of their ways and conservatism in crowned eternal law of the land.

The battle being waged is the left choosing who our candidate will be – which also includes disqualifying those they fear. Honestly, I see plenty of inspiring talk in blog comments, but see very few actually willing to fight the left on this. If after reading in the released emails how great a conservative leader Palin is when she governs, we find she ends up being unelectable because of deceitful mischaracterization, it falls on the shoulders of every day conservatives – you and me – because she’s gone above and beyond fighting to keep the media and the left from making the rules that would guarantee the US never having a strong conservative leader again. I just see too many people turning their backs on the battle that matters to chase some windmill going after some mythical victory while their cause in defeated right in front of them.

It’s up to you – accept the challenge of fighting to take away the media’s power over building up and destroying things to further their agenda (which Palin is proof that even with internet and all, they still can get the vast majority of the country to believe a lie) – or wave the white flag of surrender and let Palin go from leading the charge to unelectable at the whim of the leftists who seek to destroy America. Just realize if you let the media do it this time – and make no mistake, they can only do it because enough conservatives like you let them – if you’ve stopped fighting and let them win this time, it won’t be the last of our best that will be destroyed.
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