Good News – Kathleen Parker Irritated By C4P

Kathleen Parker dumps on C4P over Romney as flip-flopper.

The mere mention of a human role (vs., presumably, a divine plan) was enough to bestir the guardians of scientific inquiry at Conservatives4Palin, who averred that Romney is “simpatico” with Obama and that he “totally bought into the man-made global warming hoax.”

Construe it as a badge of honour.

Plus a heart warming bonus – Parker finds C4P irritating.

That is even better news because a lot of people have been finding Parker as annoying as nettlerash, not just since September 2008 but also when, angered by the sweaty multitudes of the Tea Party she launched her own Arugula Party.

What she hasn’t grasped, of course, is that nobody is saying that politicians should never alter their stance on a particular issue. In many ways an admission that their mind has been changed by a persuasive argument reflects well upon a person’s honesty and integrity.

However suspicions are aroused if the motive for the change of mind is more to please a constituency than a genuine conversion. When, as in Romney’s case, these shifts of position become legion then the mantle of flip floppery surely becomes deserved.

Or, as Auric Goldfinger once told James bond

‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action’.”

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Update by Doug: Unlike Ms. Parker, C4P has seen an increase in readership of late.  So, therefore, I thought a brief introduction of KP is in order for our newer readers who may not be acquainted with the hebetudinous Washington Post pundit.  Parker has accused Governor Palin of racism for opposing Obama’s policies. Parker has an unsettling obsession with Governor Palin’s looks, even to the point of claiming McCain selected her as his running mate for that reason.  Her evidence: Both her husband and a 75-year old “scholar and raconteur” had the hots for the Governor or something.  Continuing in this vein, this past October Parker referred to Governor Palin as a “tease“.  Parker was also one of the laughably ignorant pundits pushing the demonstrably false narrative that Governor Palin somehow cost the Republicans the Senate in last fall’s election.  As another example of Parker’s intellectual prowess, she suggested Meghan McCain was a role model for GOP women.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Anyway, there are literally dozens more examples of Parker’s nuttery in the C4P archives, but you get the idea.

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