Governor Palin, Iowa, and the Everyday Voter

Governor Palin visits Pella, Iowa today to see the premiere of “The Undefeated” with a few hundred Iowans and individuals who participated in the making of the film. Following the premiere, she will attend a BBQ put on by the film’s producer Stephen Bannon for the residents of Pella and others who may be in attendance. SarahPAC refuted claims yesterday that she was not meeting with GOP operatives during her visit to Iowa, but her trip affords her the opportunity to meet with Iowans—the everyday people who will be voting in caucus. The Daily Beast shares these comments from the former political director of the Iowa GOP, Craig Robinson:

“Is [Palin] going to sit down and meet with the people you would go through if you were going to launch a presidential campaign? No, but I think she will interact with very conservative people, very active Republicans,” Robinson said, noting that Pella is in a conservative part of the state. “She will be mingling with caucus-goers.”


“In Iowa, in a caucus state, big-name operatives and consultants are overrated,” he said. “You need your county GOP chair and people willing to make phone calls and organize your neighbors. That’s what caucuses are about. Those are the most important people she can meet, the people that are really Sarah Palin fans, not a potential campaign manager or potential caucus director. The people she will be mingling with are quite important.

This morning Governor Palin took advantage of another opportunity to visit with Iowans over coffee. She tweets:

Beautiful drive from MN yesterday, breathtaking scenic run along Des Moines Rvr, coffee w/great Iowans, head to Pella for “The Undefeated”!

The punditocracy would like to have us believe that Governor Palin is doing little to make moves towards a potential presidential run and although she has yet to make her intentions known, she is doing things by her own strategy. As we were reminded during the first leg of Governor Palin’s bus tour, she has an ability to genuinely connect with voters that is second-to-none. She noted at one point on that first leg of the bus tour:

“I would never lose that ability or that desire to get to be with that one on one relationship with people,” Palin said in the interview. “I think it’s the most valuable thing a person, a professional politician, anybody can have, is that desire to have that one on one relationship with people.

“That’s how you learn and grow and figure out what the needs and concerns are so that you can know what to concentrate on to help meet those needs,” she continued. “So yeah, if someone was to lose that, you become a typical politician. And that’s pretty tragic, in my eyes.”

Even those who disagree with her politics come away impressed by her attention to their discussions and her willingness to converse with them. During the clambake that she attended in New Hampshire, she even approached and had a discussion with two young men who were carrying anti-Palin signs.

Despite claims that Governor Palin would not do well in a state like Iowa,  Governor Palin’s retail politics skills in previous elections show evidence quite to the contrary.  Every political campaign she has run has centered around one-on-one connections with everyday people.  During her most recent campaign in 2008, one of the things she was critical of the McCain camp regarding was their stifling of her interactions with voters. Governor Palin relishes the chance to speak with everyday people, and in spite of the media created “celebrity” meme, retail politics are her bread and butter. Lest we forget, she ran a statewide campaign centered around retail politics in a state the size of 14 Iowas. Her political strategy and her governing strategy go hand-in-hand—putting everyday Americans ahead of the political establishment.

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