Governor Palin to Visit South Carolina as Part of “One Nation” Bus Tour?

Governor Palin gave Real Clear Politics and CNN an extensive interview yesterday in which she discussed the “One Nation” bus tour and her embrace of an “anti-politician” persona with this tour. Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics writes:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will visit the first-in-the-South primary state of South Carolina later this month as part of her nationwide bus tour, RealClearPolitics has learned.

According to well-informed sources, Palin’s trip is divided into three separate segments, in which visits to each of the first three voting states — New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina — will be the geographical centerpieces.

Though Palin may set up a meeting with Gov. Terry Branstad when she travels to Iowa in the coming days, RCP has learned that she is purposefully bypassing meetings with local party leadership as she works to cultivate her image as an “anti-politician,” in anticipation of a wildly unconventional presidential run.

“Well, like tonight, if a local city council member would have been at the pizza parlor, we would have sat with them and chatted with them just as we did with the — chatting with some of the folks on the street as we walked in,” Palin told RCP and CNN in an extended interview in a hotel lobby here on Tuesday night. “We were in Walmart last night in Gettysburg, and I met one of the local city council members who happened to be there in line, so it’s not that we avoid them.”


Following her current “One Nation” tour of the Northeast, Palin will next journey to the Midwest, where Iowa will be front and center. Plans are still being drawn up, but she may visit the World Pork Expo in Des Moines.

During the third leg of her tour, Palin will travel to South Carolina and may also appear at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, where several other current and potential GOP White House hopefuls are scheduled to speak.


On Tuesday, Palin came out emphatically against the ethanol subsidies that have long been sacrosanct in presidential politics, and in the interview with RCP and CNN, she suggested that she intends to go out of her way not to be perceived as pandering to early-state voters.

“They’re special but not just because they have a certain date of a primary election,” Palin said of New Hampshire’s famously proud voters. “They’re special because they are Americans. And obviously they want jobs; they want safety in their communities; they want strong national defense; they want the same things that everybody else wants.”

Palin paused for a second before adding the kicker.

“I guess that’s that non-politician in me,” she said.

CNN’s Peter Hamby share these comments from Governor Palin:

Her political skills were on display Tuesday during a bus tour stop in the central Pennsylvania hamlet of Dillsburg, where Palin breezed into a coffee shop and happily sat down with two locals.

With a common touch that sometimes seems to elude several of her potential rivals for the Republican nomination, Palin got the two men to open up about their personal lives before veering into a conversation about the sluggish economy.

“I would never lose that ability or that desire to get to be with that one on one relationship with people,” Palin said in the interview. “I think it’s the most valuable thing a person, a professional politician, anybody can have, is that desire to have that one on one relationship with people.

“That’s how you learn and grow and figure out what the needs and concerns are so that you can know what to concentrate on to help meet those needs,” she continued. “So yeah, if someone was to lose that, you become a typical politician. And that’s pretty tragic, in my eyes.”

Palin has also been at ease with the news media, her sworn enemy, throughout her bus tour. She has confounded both local and national reporters with her stubborn refusal to provide details of the bus’s itinerary, which is being planned out, often at the last minute, by she and her husband Todd.

But she has lingered with reporters and television cameras at several stops, ultimately granting more access to reporters outside of Fox News – where she has an exclusive contract as a network contributor – than at any point over the last two years.

Please note that potential plans of a trip to South Carolina and a possible trip to the Republican Leadership Conference have not been confirmed by Governor Palin or her aides. Please check SarahPAC for details and confirmation of Governor Palin’s plans.

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