Governor Palin’s Approval Rating Has Increased by a Net 11 Points Since the End of April in Latest CNN Poll/Evening Open Thread

Good news from the latest CNN/Opinion Research Poll:

— her overall approval rating among a random sample of ADULTS has improved a net 11 points since the end of April. Her favorable rating among Republican and Republican-leaning independents is a solid 78%, which puts her at the top of the field.

Among Republican and Republican leaning independent ADULTS:

— she has the highest rating at 16% among potential and current GOP candidates when they are asked the question of naming someone who inspires in them the same amount of confidence and enthusiasm that is felt when they think about how Reagan handled his job while he was president.

— she leads with 80% that generally agree with her on issues they care about and is beating Mitt “Peacetime” Romney who only garners 64%.

— she leads with 79% that believe she best represents their values and is beating Mitt “Peacetime” Romney who only garners 68%.

-70% of Republican and Republican-leaners do not believe she is a typical politician while a majority do consider Mitt “peacetime” Romney to be a typical politician.

Treat this as the Open Thread for the rest of evening.

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