Governor Palin’s Remarks To The Audience At The Premiere of “The Undefeated” – UPDATED

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A little over 300 guests were treated to the premiere of Steve Bannon and Victory Film Group’s new documentary, The Undefeated, last night at the Pella Opera House in Pella, IA with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd in attendance.  Afterwards approximately 1000 people were treated to a BBQ dinner at the Molengracht.

Before the movie started those in attendance sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic and This Is My Country accompanied by the original 1928 pipe organ.  Darrel Dobernecker, the mayor of Pella, then greeted the guests and welcomed the Palin’s calling her “a breath of fresh air.”  The movie itself ran two hours long, and started with a montage of insults that came from Hollywood, liberal pundits and even in the mainstream media.

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Most Found Palin Film Educational

Pella — Many viewers of “The Undefeated” came out of the Pella Opera House moments ago with rave reviews of the film.


“I thought it was just great,” Mike Olson of Pella said. He called Palin courageous and worthy of a second look for a potential presidential run by Republicans and the country.

“I thought it was a great infomercial,” says Pella resident Barb Kniff. She said the film lets the audience know who Palin is. Kniff views Palin as someone who is for the people, someone who puts God first. All of the hype surrounding Palin, is warranted, she added.

Kniff reports that Palin spoke to the crowd. During that speech, one in which he audience had hoped would include a candidacy declaration, Palin appeared to be a Ronald Reagan Republican who wants America to return to its founding principles.

As for the film itself, non-Pella residents made the trip to see it. They, too, had positive things to say.

“I thought it was great,” Shelley Mostek of Creston said.

“I think it was excellent,” added Tim Crooks of Boone. “I think it’s something the average American needs to see.”


Two of Pella’s own politicians watched the film as well. Councilor Mark DeJong found the film to be inspirational. DeJong says he is annoyed with both major parties right now. He likes Palin’s energy.

“(The film) helps me understand the woman and a lot of what she’s been through,” said Pella Mayor Darrell Dobernecker. “She says what she believes and not just what people want to hear.”


Pella Welcomes Sarah Palin

Sagers says Palin and the film’s director, Stephen K. Bannon, selected Pella to thank the Opera House and the community for their support. Tickets to the film were not sold, but given to local Republican Party supporters, known Palin supporters and other local leaders. Sagers said the goal was to make it a community event, and, as a board member, she is excited about the attention and publicity Palin’s visit is bringing to Pella and the venue.

“I think Pella better think it’s a great honor,” says Pella resident and Marion County Republican Chair Irene Blom. She, too, is proud to have her community in the spotlight. Reporters from all over the world and every major cable news channel are in Pella for the event.

“We’ve got a town we should be proud of,” Blom said.

As for the film itself, Bannon was approached by former Gov. Sarah Palin’s Political Action Committee to make a series of shorts about her. He was approached following the success of another film he had made, “Fire from the Heartland,” which focused on Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party movement.

Bannon explained to the PAC that he is a feature filmmaker. He asked for creative control, which was granted. Approximately eight months later, he came back with a finished product.

“I’ve got a method to my madness,” Bannon said.

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